Who’s Left?

OK, Biden’s been #MeTooed. Who’s left?


7 thoughts on “Who’s Left?”

  1. “OK, Biden’s been #MeTooed”

    Since I don’t have to directly live with the results…. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! Stupid monkeys thinking Biden was a reasonable candidate when everyone has seen his child creepy videos!

    Can democrats be any more self-destructive and irrelevant? Ask Barack “the fixer” OBama!


  2. Take him out, and I think Bernie is probably our best bet (and how loathe I am to say that.) I like Warren more than you, but I suspect she won’t even still be in the running by the time we get to vote. She’s also being quite wonkish/detailed with her policy, which a certain kind of primary voter loves but which I think is detrimental to us in a general election. We need a strong message, not policy details; as always, everyone should look to Sherrod Brown. Amy Klobuchar is fantastic, but is uncharismatic, and is already being painted as a bitch. I also don’t see her making it to our states. Most everyone else sucks, is irrelevant, or both. I have low standards, yet I don’t really like anyone and there’s an astonishing number who I wouldn’t vote for in a general election. I feel like we’re either going to lose, or we’re going to be looking at President Beto. May God help us.


    1. I do think Biden could potentially pull through. A good number of Democratic voters don’t care about this kinda stuff. We’ll see how it goes.


      1. I would genuinely rather see Trump reelected. But he has the same ability to garner media attention Trump has, so the possibility worries me.


  3. Well, I certainly HOPE that this drives Biden out of the race (it probably won’t), because he’d be the guy with the best chance of beating Trump! 🙂

    Warren and Bernie would never win the general election — neither would that clown Beto.


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