Bernie Campaign

What bugs me about the Bernie campaign is a constant, unrelenting barrage of emails, texts, and calls soliciting donations that isn’t accompanied by any attempt to explain what’s going to be different this time around, what the candidate has changed from the last campaign that he lost, what he’s offering that is better than the opponents, etc. Somehow it’s crucial to get to a “fundraising deadline” today to stick it to the “political establishment,” but less important to explain to supporters what and how you are going to deliver.

I watched parts of Trump’s rally from the other day, and he’s being crystal clear on the path to victory and what exactly he’s promising. Anybody who still thinks he’s an easy opponent to beat is brain-dead.

And by the way, you don’t get more “political establishment” than Bernie who has been US Senator forever. So let’s not start with these cheap manipulations so soon.

I never really believed in the mythical Berniebros. I think Bernie’s weakness back in 2016 and today is piss-poor hiring that surrounds him with incompetent fools. It’s a mystery why he can’t hire people who are at least somewhat as talented and organized as he is.


19 thoughts on “Bernie Campaign”

  1. Zaid Jilani has a great thread on this:

    Bernie bros were real, but if Bernie had hired good people and distanced himself from his more moronic fans they would’ve been irrelevant. However, we saw that even the people close to Bernie were complete jackasses, and thus many people assumed he was also a jackass.


      1. I wouldn’t even consider donating to anyone until after the primaries. And since I’m talking about primaries, here’s yet more links relating to it. First of all, this article about Pete Buttigieg is long but definitely worth the read, and it gets better as you go along:

        Short and entertaining Beto article:


        1. “this article about Pete Buttigieg is long but…”

          Ah, so the well-spoken boy who wants to be king is just another evil capitalist, despite his ground-breaking LGBTQXYZ credentials??

          Does anybody really expect the Democrats to field any acceptable candidates? šŸ™‚


          1. We definitely don’t, lol. Although the current field has managed to be even worse than I expected, and I expected very little.


              1. I still think Trump is a fairly strong candidate. He’s certainly a stronger candidate than Romney was, not that that’s a high bar to clear.


              2. Why doesn’t Bernie say this kind of stuff about virtue-signaling, you know? It would be so much easier for me to support him if he did. My question with Bernie is always, what will he do for me? This could be it.


              3. I think it’s way easier for someone who’s a minority of some kind to get away with this in a Democratic primary. Bernie would have to wait until the general election.


          1. Your hatred of this article is a sign that it will be perfectly suited for turning young left-wingers I know against Buttigieg. I’ll be sure to share it on facebook.


              1. “Your hatred of this article is a sign that it will be perfectly suited for turning young left-wingers I know against Buttigieg.” (Demotrash)

                “Brilliant! Iā€™m glad to be of help.” (Clarissa)

                Why would you two young Democrats be so eager “for turning young left-wingers… against Buttigieg”?

                Do you seriously believe that he’d be a worse disaster for the country than Beto?? Or do you just think that’s he’s less electable? This cynical Republican thinks that he’d one of the few (perhaps only?) Dem candidates who could sound like an adult holding his/her own in a debate against Donald Trump!


              2. He’d be better than Beto but I don’t see how he’s an improvement on Trump. He’s a young cute version of Hillary. Neoliberal to the core. I’d just rather have Trump.


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