Outsourcing Justice

Folks, this is a really great link on how governments outsource justice to tech companies.


4 thoughts on “Outsourcing Justice”

  1. Technology isn’t equivalent to technology companies.

    A reasonably smart kid with a keyboard can craft a rough form of what’s being branded as AI in that article. Estonia’s entire AI judge setup may be entirely a university/government created one, too.


      1. Sure sure. 🙂 Point being, there are inherent issues with using technology to deal with social problems regardless of whether a company is making a profit off of it.


  2. Artificial Intelligence never knows when you change your address or phone number. Because no-one’s told it yet.
    It only knows what the programmers tell it about your “normal” “everyday” patterns.
    So it continues to keep sending letters to your old address and presents your former telephone number as still relevant to those who wish to contact you
    …until after you’ve made a few transactions using your new address and phone number, upon which it includes them along with the old information.
    THEN your mail gets sent to two addresses, and you are now listed as having two phone numbers.

    There’s a reason why they call it “artificial” intelligence. Because it’s intelligence being feigned.


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