Consumerist Activism

Over the weekend, a post appeared on Facebook that appeared to be promoting Ms. Flores’s essay and her company, Luz Collective. “One small way to support Lucy Flores right now? Pick up something from her patriarchy smashing Alpha Latina merchandise on Luz Collective,” the post said.

Flores is the woman who accused Biden of feeling her up at an event.

3 thoughts on “Consumerist Activism”

  1. I’m seeing a lot of this. “I’m a victim! And while I’ve got your attention, buy my stuff/donate to my gofundme.”


  2. I have blinds on the bathroom window in my apartment unit, which are on the shower wall, and have often sprayed the shower walls with spray cleaners to keep the shampoo residue and potential mold/mildew at bay.
    I learned the hard way that one shouldn’t spray the panels of blinds with harsh chemicals, as it tends to rust out and deteriorate the panels themselves.

    This sort of thing is an example of why I hate (and practically can’t stand) things that are “too sensitive”.
    Likewise I also can’t stand anyONE who’s “too sensitive” for much the same reasons: Do (or say) the wrong thing to them and they fall apart and come completely undone. They have no resilience, are not impervious to any adverse elements, you always have to be “too careful” around them.

    Such are simply incompatible with most of what the world dishes out. Most realities too easily destroys them.


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