I Just Played

First, Klara and I played her favorite game of dollies where some of the dollies misbehave and we discipline them.

Then we made an Easter bunny and decorated her.

Then we painted sun catchers to make them look like Minnie Mouse.

Then we spray painted the deck, the driveway, and the garage door with neon splotches.

Then we played toddler basketball outside.

Then I made snacks.

Then we played trolls.

Then we played with makeup.

Then we printed labels on my label-maker.

Then we played eco-dough.

Then we practiced letters and sang songs.

Then we played on the deck.

Then I made lunch, did the laundry, and we moved my books to my new book cases.

Then we cleaned up after ourselves.

Then I served lunch and read books while Klara ate.

Then Klara wanted to play some more but I said I needed to rest for a minute.

“Why are you tired, mommy?” Klara said indignantly. “You didn’t do anything all day. You just played!”


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