Idiot or Cynic?

Ah, turns out there’s been a recent NYTimes article precisely on how ridiculous things in Russia are.

What interests me is, when Rachel Maddow pronounced things like “is there a Russian operative sitting in the White House?”, is she truly that unprofessional, uninformed and easily duped or was she lying because she knew it would raise rankings and bring in profits? Is she an idiot or a greedy cynic?

And it’s not just her, of course. But I used to like her show, and then she suddenly went crazy two years ago.


One thought on “Idiot or Cynic?”

  1. “Idiot or cynic?”

    She’s an idiot.

    But when she first appeared on TV about 14 years ago on Tucker Carlson’s MSNBC show (2005-2008), she was a calm, reasonable voice of far-left liberalism with a quiet, adult demeanor and no trace of the giggling, hand-waving silliness that’s become her trademark.

    Now both she and Carlson have gone crazy, in the opposite directions. Carlson’s newly developed constant scowl and over-the-top faux outrage at today’s absurd PC culture are painful to watch, even if what he says is often correct.

    Being a psychiatrist, I hate watching so many intelligent people suddenly going crazy all around me in the Age of Trump. I’m the one who should be getting senile.


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