There will be a second round of presidential elections in Ukraine. (That’s how the system works: if the leading candidate doesn’t get enough votes to cross the clear win threshold in the first round, there’s a second round).

What’s really sad and embarrassing is that today the voters gave second place in the election to a stand-up comedian. I’m not trying to insult him. This is his actual job.

The comedian is dumb as a doorknob. He and his wife make Trump and Melania look like geniuses with brilliant speaking skills, which one has to try very hard to achieve. He’s also a pawn of a Putinoid oligarch. And he’s not even that funny! His jokes are mostly of the most boring dudebro type.

There was a brief period of time when I wasn’t ashamed of my people. And now the shame is back.

P.S. God, it’s worse than I thought. The comic actually won the first round with 30% of votes. I want to stop being Ukrainian immediately. Is there an official procedure to quit? I don’t have the citizenship but I want to get rid of the ethnicity, too. After all, identity is fluid.


14 thoughts on “Shame”

  1. I believe that the Russian government is developing policies by which people can shed Ukrainian identity, they’ve done trial runs in Crimea and the Donetsk region, and they hope to expand this process to the entirety of the place currently known as Ukraine.


  2. “it’s worse than I thought”
    A scandal…. it’s a good thing that your new countries of citizenship don’t go in for this kind of foolishness and instead elect very serious politicians of sterling character and immense intellect…. like Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau….


  3. Why, you haven’t told us the most important thing about Zelenskiy, while Israeli news site ynet has informed me of this major fact in the very second word 🙂 : “Popular Jewish comedian races ahead in Ukrainian presidential election.”

    Like cliff, I also thought about Trump likeness and ynet agrees: “Zelenskiy’s rise coincided with voters around the world upending the status quo, propelling anti-establishment forces such as US President Donald Trump and Italy’s 5-Star movement to power.”,7340,L-5487631,00.html

    Usually one does not see the word “Ukraine” on ynet. Sad as it is, I think Z was only mentioned because of possible Jewish roots. Doesn’t incumbent President Poroshenko have them too? When my relatives in Russia mentioned an antisemitic coworker (who was unaware of Jews in vicinity 🙂 ) talking about Jews in politics, I thought he was a fool living in his alternative reality, but here I start wondering and was surprised … and, to be honest, not in an entirely good way. Doesn’t Ukraine have millions of Ukrainians? What is left is to discover Yulia Tymoshenko being an undercover Jew too and one could ‘turn off the light’ (туши свет) for sure.

    Now seriously, if 2 out of 3 candidates in a huge country like Ukraine are with origins connected to the tiniest minority, it may be a sign of lack of political health in the ethnic majority population since statistically it simply should not happen. I am afraid that if Z fails, people in Ukraine will blaim Jews for that. Interesting whether Putin has used or will use the Jewish roots in his anti-Ukrainian President propaganda.


    1. Everybody is a Jew already in the Ukrainian leadership, so it’s not a big deal. Poroshenko’s dad was Valzman. The prime minister is Groisman. Timoshenko is half-Jewish. Her Grandpa was Abram Kapitelman, or something. It’s not a secret of any sort and Ukrainians, if anything, are very proud of their very Jewish government.

      Ukrainians are trying to live down the myth that Ukraine is Nazi. So it makes everybody happy.

      As for why it’s so, Jews in Ukraine do have overachieving children. As we all say, the last Jew who did manual labor was Jesus and even he quit. We all know why that is.


    2. And I’ve got to say, I’ve seen very rabid criticisms of all 3 leading candidates. Some of those criticisms have been vicious and disgusting. A ton of sexist stuff of the worst order about Timoshenko, for instance. But the word “Jew” doesn’t even make an appearance. Or any covertly Jewish stereotypes. Of course, there is a small bunch of anti-Semites, as everywhere. But the overall discourse about the candidates only ever mentions Jewishness in the context of, “and then the Russians keep saying we are Nazis, how dumb.”


  4. //He’s also a pawn of a Putinoid oligarch

    What do you mean by ‘Putinoid’: a supporter of Putin, his pawn, somebody who is against strong / aggressive war tactics in Donbass? Haven’t read about the oligarch, but wanted to ask which proof you have of him supporting Putin.

    A joke from Arkadiy’s lj :

    Пять лет назад, в марте месяце, множество “Зелёных человечков” оттяпало Крым, а сейчас, в марте месяце, всего один “Зеленский человечек” оттяпал всю Украину:)))


    1. His rhetoric is, yeah, totally Putin-inspired. The oligarch is a Jew as well by the way. Which doesn’t impact my feelings about him. I detest all oligarchs equally.


      1. //His rhetoric is, yeah, totally Putin-inspired.

        Could you give an example, please? I do not know anything about the oligarch, so don’t know what you mean.


        1. The oligarch doesn’t personally give speeches. He owns the TV and he did all he could to subvert the Poroshenko campaign and promote his puppet Ze.

          As for the rhetoric, it’s all, yeah, well, we have to coexist with the Russians and start making peace ouvertures, it’s time to listen what they have to say, forget about the Minsk agreements, etc.


  5. Look at a possible good development because of Z’s popularity (unless I miss something crucial and you see it as bad):

    ” Потому я почти уверен, что уже сейчас Порошенко и его штаб вовсю на полную мощность работают над изменениями в Конституцию. Чтобы резко уменьшить полномочия и власть президента, а всю власть перенести в парламент и кабмин.
    И это мы увидим конечно же уже после второго тура. Но работа уже ведется на всю катушку ”


    1. This is speculation but if it were true, it would be a huge step away from an authoritarian model. As we know, Yeltsin and then Putin did the exact opposite. Remember the coup of 1993? That’s when it started in Russia.


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