A professor of pediatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, and psychology at the University of Louisville was demoted for questioning the insane and unscientific ruling dogma.

This is so Soviet, it’s not even funny.

7 thoughts on “Obscurantism”

  1. Bernie’s press secretary tweeted this. If this is the kind of quality we’ll be getting from his campaign, he is definitely going to lose the primary again.

    Meanwhile, I told one of my friends who’s a Dem who doesn’t follow politics heavily (but she votes) about Biden and she was like “who cares?” I’m guessing that will also be my parents’ reaction if they hear about it. I suspect if Biden loses the primary there’ll be more to it than this.


    1. Daddy Bernie? Are they trying to make him lose? Jeez. I hope Biden at least can hire a better staff.

      I’ve been thinking about it, and President Biden is something I definitely can live with. I can’t see him sincerely embracing the crazies. He’s a sly old fox but he’s not a fool.


      1. Every major candidate who’s running has hired a better staff than Bernie. I have no idea where he finds these people.

        Biden’s consistently remained among my top choices, and out of the people I like most, he’s likely to be the only one of them who makes it to my state and the only one who can win the general election. Although he could flame out after a promising start; Jeb Bush was leading in the polls at this point in 2015 (although his lead was narrower.)


  2. I hate to sound cynical, but the professor should have known better than to publicly express such views, even if he sincerely believes them. Everybody knows the consequences by now.

    Instances like this remind me of that semi-famous political cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was “shocked and hurt” last year when the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette fired him after he drew a political cartoon that blatantly opposed the newspaper’s well-known partisan bias. He’d been the political cartoonist at that paper for 20 years, and he hadn’t figured out that newspapers don’t pay their employees to contradict their editorial viewpoint?


    1. It gets to a point where you just can’t put up with listening to blatant, dangerous idiocy any more, you know? Even when you are aware of the consequences. It often happens to me. I try to stay silent but it gets so crazy sometimes.


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