The Allure of Sociopathy

I could never understand people who want to marry clear sociopaths:

Alleged fake blood test grifter Elizabeth Holmes has a busy schedule this year. In addition to attending her upcoming trial for 11 criminal felony counts, she’s getting married! The lucky groom-to-be is William “Billy” Evans, scion of the Evans Hotel Group fortune.

Holmes is obviously a horrible person. Who’d want to marry that? Evans is obviously not lacking in marriage prospects. I don’t get it.

5 thoughts on “The Allure of Sociopathy”

    1. Hey, you totally need to read Tana French’s The Witch Elm. Hugo, the only likable character in the novel, is exactly how imagine you. He’s noble, bookish, dignified, and quietly heroic, if a bit oblivious.


  1. 1.Maybe he is a psychopath too?
    2.Or he’s naive enough to think she won’t film flam him. Or that she really is a maligned genius.

    Blond + young + not obese= hawt.
    He’s running his own scam and needs a partner?


  2. During my psychiatric practice, I found that many people are serially attracted to losers. Women whose first marriage ended because their husband was an alcoholic repeatedly married (and divorced) alcoholic men.

    John Bobbit (love that name!), whose first wife famously cut off his penis because he’d abused her, was subsequently married to (or engaged with) several woman that he of course — physically abused.

    You’d be surprised how many women write love letters to, and yearn to marry, condemned murders on death row in U.S. prisons.


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