I’m Entitled

And yes, I know nobody gives a crap about the election in Ukraine. But I’ve listened to everybody else’s relentless drama over Trump getting ready to nuke the world for two years. I can take a couple of days to bitch about Ukraine.

I actually had to waste my time with the analyst on this crap. “Everybody around me has gone loopy over Trump. I feel lonely and isolated.”

I’m entitled to some bitching of my own.

13 thoughts on “I’m Entitled”

  1. I am starting to think that democracy was a mistake. Liberal or conservative is irrelevant here, we need political leaders who have public sector experience, not entertainers.

    I have a very smart friend who is still complaining that because of #MeToo we’ll never have President Al Franken. Whatever one thinks of the nature of the complaints against him, surely we can do better than an SNL writer for President.


    1. At least, the sitting president didn’t falsify the election. Which he could easily do and every president before him did every time. The will of the people was finally done, democracy is finally working in Ukraine, and the fact that people are total idiots and their will is idiotic is the danger you always run in democracy.


  2. I am interested in your Ukrainian posts, even though Z hasn’t won yet and is unlikely to win. Agree with my mother that Z won’t be chosen partly because of being Jewish and that Poroshenko doesn’t look like having any J-word roots. Poroshenko may be a secret Jew if that American female politician is a hidden Native American. 😉

    What are the good things you’ve found if Z becomes President? I have two: the proof against Russian accusations of ‘nazism’ and Poroshenko’s team taking steps to limit the successor’s power, thus making Ukraine more democratic in the long run.


    1. I promise that anybody’s Jewishness is of no interest to anybody. It’s honestly the last issue on everybody’s agenda. Groisman is very clearly very Jewish, and he’s had great approval rates.


      1. What’s positive is that the election wasn’t falsified and the population was allowed to be as stupid as it gleefully is. Yay for democracy.


      1. In Israel the election is for parties only with the head of the biggest party forming the government and becoming a PM.

        Who is running? The eternal Netanyahu at the head of Likud is challenged by the newest popular party of Lapid (a former newspaper columnist without a high school diploma, Bagrut in Hebrew) and 3 former army generals. The 3 generals united with Lapid’s party just a few weeks ago and are careful to be as ‘neither Right meat nor Leftist fish’ as possible.


  3. Interesting that Ukrainians living abroad voted for Poroshenko, while those in Ukraine prefer Z so far. Do you have any explanation?

    \ 38,93% избирателей проголосовали за Президента Петра Порошенко, 26,01% – за руководителя студии “Квартал 95” Владимира Зеленского, 10,64% – за лидера партии “Гражданская позиция” Анатолия Гриценко по подсчету Центральной избирательной комиссией 100% электронных протоколов с заграничных избирательных участков.


  4. Found the article explaining a bit regarding the new party (link below). Doesn’t this rotation agreement look like a circus show proving the claim against this party as one being unstable because of the incessant battle of 4 egos? I’ve wondered before who would be a PM and now got the answer. If Gantz would be a full time President, I would’ve been tempted to vote for them, but with Lapid …

    Ukraine is at war, but Israel is not exactly peaceful either. We cannot afford a clown as a PM. You are probably unaware that we were receiving Hamas rockets again a few days ago, that despite the Iron Dome a rocket hit and almost killed a family of 7 ( a father moved them to another room, so only 3 pets died), that there were demonstrations at the fence with Gaza and that Palestinian Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails are threatening to open a hunger strike because of Israel starting to block signals at jails to prevent them using illegal phones to plan terror attacks. I used the word “threatening” since when the prisoners strike, Hamas organizes demonstrations and sends more rockets. (The prisoners have already attacked and almost killed a prison guard and set fire to their mattresses.)



  5. I won’t lie, I find your posts about Ukraine incredibly interesting and the ones complaining about complaining about Trump the ones that are now rote. But I’ve told you as much, and would rather not fall into the trap of complaining about complaining about complaining about Trump.

    Not all of your readers are from the USA, and while it’s an important enough country that it’s internal political processes are of some interest wherever you are, but not actually being present there means you don’t care as much about the day-to-day of it. For me, it’s generally your insights about Russia or Ukraine that catch my attention most. As far as country-related posts go, at least, I have other favorites as well!


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