Pretend Everybody Is Sick

Nancy Pelosi says the best way to communicate with people is to pretend everybody is sick and stay at a great distance from each other. For real.

How this jives with the desire to move the entire population of Central America – which is not known for being into Pelosi’s “stay away like you are contagious” rule, to put it mildly – over here is a mystery.

4 thoughts on “Pretend Everybody Is Sick”

  1. Biden has responded skillfully to the “accusations,” and most people don’t care much (those who do were mostly in the “I’m not voting for an old white guy” camp anyway.) I suspect they won’t be a huge problem for him (though not zero problem, and he could still lose regardless.)

    Bernie is doing a townhall on Fox soon, idiots are angry. I guess someone running for president should only share his message with people who already agree with him and were going to vote for him anyway.

    There is some opposition to the NY surrogacy bill, as seen here. Sadly, this is all I’ve seen, so we can look forward to exploitation being legalized in the name of LGBT rights (it especially angers me that they claim to be doing it on my behalf):


    1. It is deeply annoying that LGBT rights are being exploited to advance this cause.

      But I’m glad Bernie is trying to appeal to the masses. You got to run for president of the whole country. We’ve seen how Romney and Hillary did with their rhetoric about the 47% and the deplorables. Voters don’t like that sort of thing.


  2. I’ve always been somewhat of a “social leper”, hence people usually tend to “keep a safe distance from” me as a rule
    …Pelosi’s decrees wouldn’t make any differences in my life that I would notice.


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