Another Tucker Monologue

Tucker gave one of his brilliant monologues on the show tonight. This one was about immigration. I highly recommend.

These monologues are why Tucker gets almost 4 million viewers a night while the entire CNN primetime lineup gets 600,000. He’s talking about real things real people care about and not about inane fantasies of how everybody is a racist, a sexist, or a spy.

The Unusual Challenge, Day 4

Today I had a Hawaian poke bowl for breakfast! I love poke bowls but we rarely get them around here. So when I saw one as I was running past the sushi-maker’s counter at the supermarket, I realized I couldn’t pass it up just because it was 9 am.

It was a really spicy poke bowl, and I loved it.


OK, so I did that Biden had pressured the Ukrainian president Poroshenko to remove the Attorney General Shokin and threatened to withhold money if he didn’t.

I didn’t know this before but now that I do, I’m going to be for Biden in the primaries. This Shokin fellow was a total evildoer. A corrupt, nasty motherfucker.

I know nobody here cares but I do. Obama was useless on foreign policy, but at least Biden knew what’s what. This is a big plus in his column for me.