Another Tucker Monologue

Tucker gave one of his brilliant monologues on the show tonight. This one was about immigration. I highly recommend.

These monologues are why Tucker gets almost 4 million viewers a night while the entire CNN primetime lineup gets 600,000. He’s talking about real things real people care about and not about inane fantasies of how everybody is a racist, a sexist, or a spy.


17 thoughts on “Another Tucker Monologue”

  1. I was just coming here to share! Should’ve known you’d have already seen it. I saw a tweet showing it (with a caption that it was white nationalist, but I ignored that.) It reminded me of so much that you’ve said.

    Also, this Dem House freshman is saying all the stuff we’ve been saying about the Green New Deal and AOC! Also voted in favor of that amendment that lets ICE know when illegal immigrants try to buy guns. Most of the new people we voted in in 2018 are more like this guy than AOC, yet people like her suck up all the airtime and make us despair.


    1. And then he went on about how we should tax capital gains to pay for infrastructure instead of introducing a tax on gas because that would hurt working classes. How am I supposed not to like this?

      And yes, exactly, there are so many really great people who never get any spotlight. It’s aggravating.


      1. Meanwhile, the “party of lower taxes” just hiked the gas tax in Ohio by 10 cents a gallon (was originally going to be almost 20 cents) because heaven forbid we roll back Kasich’s tax cuts for the wealthy.


          1. I agree that high gas taxes are a terrible idea, but come on — capital gains and so-called “unearned” dividend income have ALREADY been taxed at the normal rate once (when you earned the money to invest in the first place), and they’re ALREADY taxed a second time when paid out. (During her campaign, Hillary kept repeating the idiotic question, “Do you think it’s fair that Warren Buffet should pay a lower tax than his secretary?”, because she assumed that her supporters were too stupid to understand the difference.)

            As for Warren’s plans for a “wealth tax” — she wants to tax people for having an Olympic-sized swimming pool in their back yard and a BMW in their garage??

            Screwing successful rich people is always a great idea, to people who aren’t rich.


            1. Why is Trump supporting the gas tax? Doesn’t he see that, coupled with the complete absence of the wall and the exploding immigration, it will destroy his chances to get reelected?


              1. “Why is Trump supporting the gas tax?”

                Because he’s an idiot. He’ll probably reverse his opinion tomorrow, like he did on closing the border.

                But so far, the Democrats have somehow managed to stay one step ahead of him on their mad rush to political suicide. I never thought that he could be elected in 2016, but today he seems more likely to get re-elected in 2020 every time a Democrat opens his or her mouth.


      2. Of course, people like Max Rose never get much of a spotlight because the right can’t screech about them in order to make Democrats look bad, and liberal news outlets don’t like him because he’s a filthy moderate. He got a little bit of a spotlight now because right wing news outlets do like when Dems openly criticize AOC.

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  2. Wanted to share 3 things:


    “Why is Trump supporting the gas tax?”

    In another monologue of 3:40 minutes, Tucker said it’s because Trump doesn’t want to be re-elected. 🙂


    Didn’t Trump promise to bring factory jobs to USA? Even bloggers in Russia are aware of factory jobs not coming back :

    И снова про заводы: разбор полетов

    THIRD – Israeli coming elections of 9 April 2019

    Turns out I was right in thinking uniting with Lapid will hurt Benny Gantz’s chances. (Gantz was the 20th Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, while Yair Lapid is an Israeli politician and a former journalist.) Today read that Gantz’s and Lapid’s party lost 3 seats when the public heard of the rotation agreement in which Lapid will be a PM for 1/3 of the time after Gantz serves as one for the first 2/3 .


    1. Northam withstood the outrage storm because he’s one of the most fanatically neoliberal people in politics. If he weren’t useful to that cause, he’d be out on his ass.


  3. We’ve been discussing Soviet Jews on this blog for obvious reasons 🙂 and I wanted to share this view since it has more than a grain of truth in it:

    Миша Берг как зеркало российского сионизма.

    Haven’t heard of this author before, but this is good writing and I’ve seen its truth in my own family too:

    “К моменту рождения Миши Берга на территории России иудейского народа уже не было. Был разлагающийся труп. Вопреки кажущейся очевидности, труп – отнюдь не безжизненное тело. Наоборот, оно кишит жизнью, являясь питательной средой для множества разнообразных паразитов. Будучи плодородной почвой, взращивает он и разнообразные цветы, иногда (очень редко) – невообразимо прекрасные.

    Увы, практически всё то прекрасное, что натворили за сто пятьдесят лет, и что мы склонны приписывать загадочным достоинствам маленького жестоковыйного народца, было просто продуктом его разложения. Как и всё безобразное. Все наши злые и добрые гении порвали с родной иудейской культурой и находились на разных стадиях необратимого движения вовне.

    Миша Берг был на последней стадии, и он не был связан с нами уже ничем, кроме бессмысленного буквосочетания “еврей” в советском паспорте.”


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