OK, so I did that Biden had pressured the Ukrainian president Poroshenko to remove the Attorney General Shokin and threatened to withhold money if he didn’t.

I didn’t know this before but now that I do, I’m going to be for Biden in the primaries. This Shokin fellow was a total evildoer. A corrupt, nasty motherfucker.

I know nobody here cares but I do. Obama was useless on foreign policy, but at least Biden knew what’s what. This is a big plus in his column for me.


11 thoughts on “Biden”

  1. I think Biden has all of Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses and more, and has no chance against Trump.

    But then again, I am biased. I’ve hated that guy since the 1980s.


    1. Biden’s moment, if at all, was in 2016. He doesn’t have a good answer for his role in putting Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. Or making student loan debt non dischargeable in bankruptcy.


      1. Who cares about Clarence Thomas, though? It was a million years ago.

        Biden is very imperfect. But who else?

        I don’t believe Warren will go far with that voice. Plus, Trump will make meatballs out of her in a debate. Bernie I like but he can’t manage the loony crowd. Kamala and Cory are the loony crowd. The gay fellow is a neoliberal enthusiast. I feel like the Republicans during the 2016 cycle must have felt. So many choices, but everybody sucks.


  2. I’m clueless about foreign policy, so I always appreciate your guidance. I know it’s one of the most important things the president does and I try to understand, but I just haven’t managed to wrap my head around it (and not just with Russia stuff, with anything.)


      1. “Stop apologizing, you mean?”

        Are you kidding?? Don’t you know that every Democratic candidate has to pass a litmus test by apologizing for SOMETHING!

        Boy Wonder Buttigieg is now apologizing because back in 2015 he was insensitive enough to say, “All lives matter,” instead of the mandated, “Black lives matter.” (No, I’m not making that up!)


        1. Funnily enough, in the same article where the all lives matter “incident” was brought to light, they briefly mention that the former police chief of South Bend sued him for racial discrimination and received some money in a settlement. But apparently that wasn’t worth any further attention; what really matters is that he said The Forbidden Phrase.

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    1. I’m in Hispanic studies. I learned a long time ago that I either accept a lot of tactile closeness or I can’t be in this field. This current drama over Biden sounds crazy to me. He has many flaws but this is such a ridiculous thing to get hung up on.


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