The Unusual Challenge, Day 4

Today I had a Hawaian poke bowl for breakfast! I love poke bowls but we rarely get them around here. So when I saw one as I was running past the sushi-maker’s counter at the supermarket, I realized I couldn’t pass it up just because it was 9 am.

It was a really spicy poke bowl, and I loved it.

3 thoughts on “The Unusual Challenge, Day 4”

  1. Still eating raw fish after all the health warnings, Clarissa?

    I sincerely hope that your challenge on day 9 or 10 doesn’t consist of looking into a microscope and trying to identify all the parasites eating their way through your intestines into other parts of your body!


  2. “OK, what’s with the negativity? ”

    Just medical reality! Raw fish, meat, and eggs pose a significant risk of containing parasites or bacteria that can cause serious — in some cases, life-threatening — illnesses. You may like the taste, but it really isn’t worth the risk.


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