Millennial Marriage

The very Millennial owner of our fitness program is trying to get people to enroll in a free workshop where she will share her wisdom on how to have a strong marriage.

The median age of the program member is around 50. The last thing we need is some childless kid who has been married all of 15 minutes to lecture us about marriage.

We are all like, “Kid. Until you’ve had children together, buried somebody together, experienced major illness together, moved across state lines together, dealt with kids’ problems and illnesses, survived infertility, depression, addiction, mental health issues, unemployment, debt, ruined credit, immigration issues, in-law drama together*, and so on and on, you don’t know dick about marriage.”

And she’s like, “Oh, but I heard this great podcast that really helped me improve my lines of communication with my husband! I want to share!”

And we are like, “Child. You are dumber than a sack of potatoes.”

I mean, we all thought it but only one very Southern black lady verbalized it.

Zero people signed up for the workshop.

* Obviously, not all marriages face all of these issues. This list is based on my experiences. But all marriages run into some of these problems and many others. And yes, my husband and I have been through all of this. (We haven’t had to deal with stuff like unfaithfulness or sexual issues, for example, but many people do. Or arguments over household and childcare duties that collapse more marriages than infidelity.) So you can understand how it feels to have some 25-year-old in a brand-new relationship try to teach me about marriage. It took a lot of self-control not to sock her in the face. I know she means well but it’s still deeply aggravating.

3 thoughts on “Millennial Marriage”

  1. The level of hubris and shamelessness these days is astounding!
    Everyone’s a genius, are invincible, have never done anything wrong or immoral, can figure out the mindset and motives of anyone they meet, are knowledgeable experts at anything …….


  2. I know someone who did training to be a life coach. I would not follow this person’s advice on anything more serious than a restaurant recommendation.


    1. On second thought, the life coach has a habit of spending wildly beyond their means – I would need to check the restaurant’s menu to make sure that it wouldn’t cost half a month’s salary for dinner. So I wouldn’t even trust them for a restaurant recommendation.

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