There was an event at the children’s museum today where farmers came to show kids how to plant seeds, water them, etc. One of the farmers was a lady with an obviously huge experience in dealing with kids. She asked Klara her name but Klara got shy and wouldn’t say.

“Oh, let me guess,” the farmer said. “Your name must be Beautiful Rainbow Unicorn Princess.”

It wasn’t much of a guess since Klara was wearing unicorn boots and a rainbow tutu. But Klara’s little face lit up with a sense of great wonder.

“Mommy,” she whispered, “how did this lady know my real name? Nobody knows it! Everybody just says Klara, Klara.”

“Well, she’s a farmer,” I said. “This means she’s magical because she knows how to grow things.”

This explanation made profound sense to Klara.

There’s absolutely nothing like seeing a child’s face light up with the recognition that real magic exists.


4 thoughts on “Magical”

      1. I’ve always liked Schumer more than Pelosi. He also praised Trump for the tariffs on China, and has shown willingness to compromise on immigration.


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