NYTimes: Mysterious Infection Spans Globe in a Climate of Secrecy

Here is a great article on the rise in drug-resistant infections.

I’m from a different culture, and the use of antibiotics in this country is extremely weird to me. People gulp them down like vitamins. Nobody is advised to take probiotics after or go on a two-week restorative regimen that would let the body recover from antibiotics. Antibiotics are being prescribed for ridiculously minor crap that doesn’t warrant a Tylenol, let alone something that is a major hit on the microbiome. It should be the very last thing to try and not the first response to a bit of a fever and a raspy throat.

Of course, nobody cares because a gut that’s been hit with massive doses of antibiotics is a gift to the fast food industry.

And now we are all facing not only the individual but also the collective results of this.


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