Every Dem candidate except for Biden promised Al Sharpton at his convention yesterday that they’d sign a reparations bill. Not a single one of them even attempted to explain how they’d get the Hispanic voters on board with the idea.

I personally have no problem with reparations: no price is too high to get Americans to stop being so extremely weird about race. But I definitely want to see a politician try to sell this idea to Hispanics. It’s not very shocking that Trump’s approval among Hispanic voters is at 50% and has been growing. If people keep repeating the word “reparations” often enough, who knows how high it can climb.

The worst part is that obviously nobody is going to pass any reparations bill. This is just a purity test of zero substance. It keeps alienating voters but nobody seems to care.


7 thoughts on “Reparations”

  1. How are reparations supposed to work? Would they be individual monthly or lump sum payments? To who?
    Would Haitian immigrants (whose ancestors were absolutely enslaved) be eligible?
    A quick look in google found no concrete proposals and a lot of task forces and congressional committees that quite frankly sound like make work job programs (of the kind you hate on campus).
    Have the diversity etc officers made race less weird on campus? If not, how will national programs help?


    1. Even including the Haitians, it will be cheaper than transporting the entire Central America over here to assuage the historical guilt.

      Every single candidate but one goes to prostrate themselves at the feet of a vicious little shyster like Al Sharpton. It’s painful to watch the footage of how subservient they are to him. A lump payment is a small price to pay to make this stop.


    1. The data was published last week thanks to an evaluationconducted between PBS and NPR which found that “50 percent of Latino adults approve of Trump’s job as president”, in a considerable increase of 31 points since December.

      I would SO not take Hispanic voters for granted, especially with abortion while in labor, reparations, and open borders.


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