Private Jokes

For obvious reasons, my old post titled “Crush Little Bibi” has soared in popularity. I have a feeling the new readers find it extremely disappointing.

By the way, ‘crush little Bibi’ has become a private joke between me and Klara that we use whenever technology malfunctions. ‘Crush little Bibi again, Mommy?’ Klara says when something doesn’t work the way it should and collapses with laughter. It’s really cool that we now have private jokes.

Another private joke of ours is “Arbor whitie.” The GPS pronounced the street name Arbor Vitae incorrectly, making Klara ask, “who’s this whitie, Mommy?” So I now have a toddler who can pronounce vitae the way ancient Romans would.


7 thoughts on “Private Jokes”

  1. Bernie stands up to the nuts and denounces open borders! If he keeps this up, and if he runs a competent campaign, he’s up for serious consideration (those are both big ifs though.)


    1. Finally we see the Bernie we’ve known and loved for so long. It’s smart strategy, too, because Trump is going open borders and destroying his base’s support in the process. THIS is what will work to win the election. I’m very glad.


      1. Twitter, etc. are outraged. A good sign. Some things that could help him pick up Trump’s base would hurt him in a Dem primary, but I don’t think this will; lots of Dems are tired of the open borders nonsense.


        1. Exactly. This is not a mainstream idea at all. People would respond very well to this, I’m sure of it. If he stays strong on this, I’ll be a lot more comfortable supporting him. I’d also like to see him come out more strongly on labor rights, which was his signature issue since forever.


          1. That reminds me, I looked on wikipedia and found out Biden voted for NAFTA. For some reason I thought he hadn’t. A big mark against him, although not a dealbreaker.


      2. Also, since when is Trump going open borders? He’s been ineffective, but I haven’t seen signs of that, but I’m not keeping up with him lately.


        1. The new DHS person will probably be one of the open border fanatics. Plus, Kushner is raising the H1B quotas for low skill workers. The number of illegal immigrants is exploding and legal immigration is increasing dramatically, too. All under Trump.

          There is a huge distance between rhetoric and reality. The reality is all in the numbers.


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