Open Borders

What people forget when they discuss open borders is that the issue is not, first and foremost, about migration. Migration is one of many symptoms. The real issue is the already almost complete porousness of national borders to global capital. The migration flows of cheap, easily exploitable labor exist because they are useful to that capital. Not only because they drive down costs of labor but also because they underscore and reinforce the irrelevance of nations.

Positioning the need for these migration flows as some sort of a humanitarian issue is yet another marketing ploy of “cool capitalism.” Capitalism doesn’t quash dissent. It incorporates dissent into a profit-generating scheme. People feel all rebellious and countercultural when they do the dirty work of capital. It’s very hard to resist the lure of coolness.


8 thoughts on “Open Borders”

    1. And to prove my point, you are, indeed, a passionate libertarian. 🙂

      Problem with this idea, though, is that capital moves fast. Today people are needed in these jobs, tomorrow they aren’t. Should they chase capital and its need for cheap labor across countries and continents constantly? And bring the trauma of displacement and uprootedness everywhere they go? Who’ll pay to mitigate the effects of this displacement and trauma?


      1. That barber in the video can make more money by coming to the United States until they build robot barbers. That should still take a few years. Let him make the choice for himself. If he were to try sneaking into this country, I am not enough of a humanitarian to shoot him.


        1. I’m not in thrall to the idea of choice. Choices aren’t made in a vacuum. And many of them are quite idiotic.

          As for shooting, what’s with the drama? I can’t move to any country without a visa, and I’m managing to process that fact without feeling like I’m being shot at.


          1. For me, choice is what makes life meaningful. I celebrate choice even choices like abortion when the mother is not in danger, which I could never approve of. All government laws carry the risk that people who violate the law will be killed. This is why all crimes, in truth, carry the death penalty. With illegal immigration, this death threat becomes particularly non-theoretical. We are likely dealing with people who would risk their lives rather than go home. If backed into a corner, are there countries that you would kill yourself rather allow Klara to be shipped to. (Think Miss Saigon.) On the other side, the political consequences of killing illegals are likely to be lower than killing citizens.


            1. Most immigrants are deeply unhappy with their choice. A large number would have made a different one if they knew what it entailed. Almost all immigrants live solely on memories of their shithole countries, constantly trying to recreate the food, the linguistic environment, the cultural environment. And the favorite topic of conversation is how everything in the new country is shit compared to back home.

              People are more than their earning capacity. Especially if most of the earnings will be sent back home of used to engage with people back home in some way.


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