True Diversity

Our poli-sci course is taught by the ultra-super-duper-progressive friend I mentioned who can only watch Colbert on TV because anything else is too offensive and me who only watches Tucker because everything else is too offensive.

The students look very confused but this is true diversity, the only kind that matters. It’s the diversity of opinion, the great diversity of human thought. It would have been great to have the third professor in the course who’s a total Putinoid. That would be a real bomb of a course.

The Colbert-fan colleague taught a course on the Kavanaugh hearings. The course’s value would soar if it also had somebody like me with the exact opposite perspective on the issue. But it would have zero value if it only had me and my point of view. Which is why I don’t teach politicized courses on my own.


2 thoughts on “True Diversity”

  1. I must be a fuddy duddy because a steady diet of Colbert or Tucker either just upsets me or tells me something I already know and/or dis/agree with. I would not look to either for a source of new or interesting thoughts.

    But I do agree that a well designed survey of political thought is something most people are unfamiliar with. And from what I see of many people, some basic civics would be useful. Seriously. None of this is “normal.”


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