The Unusual Challenge, Days 8 & 9

Yesterday’s unusual activity was not setting my alarm to see how long I can sleep. Turned out, very long. And I still conked out at 10:30 pm and couldn’t even post anything about it. Sleep is so annoying.

Today’s activity was a weekday barbecue. It was fantastic. Klara ate a ton of green onions because her 9-year-old friend Zhenechka whom she worships loves them, and Klara has to imitate her in everything. It’s hilarious because she winces as she stuffs them into her mouth but she still keeps eating them.

By the way, does anybody have one of those machines that make fizzy water? I keep thinking that I might want one. Are they good? Klara loves San Pellegrino but it’s pricey plus I hate all the bottles that are wasted.