It’s kind of hilarious that Ilhan Omar can’t go for two days in a row without insulting a Jew. One could almost think it’s not accidental.

So cool to know that the Democrats now have their own Tea Party.

Ragging on Bernie

Ragging on Bernie because he wrote bestselling books that made him a millionaire* is a very bizarre thing to do. There are many things Bernie can be criticized for but writing a book that sells well is the most innocuous thing anybody can do. Comparing that to Hillary’s Wall Street speeches is deeply insane.

Shame on those who do it.

* If there are people who live under a rock and haven’t seen these accusations, I can give links.

The Unusual Challenge, Days 8 & 9

Yesterday’s unusual activity was not setting my alarm to see how long I can sleep. Turned out, very long. And I still conked out at 10:30 pm and couldn’t even post anything about it. Sleep is so annoying.

Today’s activity was a weekday barbecue. It was fantastic. Klara ate a ton of green onions because her 9-year-old friend Zhenechka whom she worships loves them, and Klara has to imitate her in everything. It’s hilarious because she winces as she stuffs them into her mouth but she still keeps eating them.

By the way, does anybody have one of those machines that make fizzy water? I keep thinking that I might want one. Are they good? Klara loves San Pellegrino but it’s pricey plus I hate all the bottles that are wasted.

The Other Side

So the parents who gave bribes in the college admissions scandal are going to jail. Great. But I haven’t heard if the bribe-takers at the colleges are. In my culture, we blame bribe-takers more than the givers. I say, to hell with all of them but where are the news about arrests and incarcerations on the side of the colleges?

Friends Like These

In the meantime, on our side we have complete idiots.

The Georgia heartbeat bill, right? It’s effectively a ban on abortions because 4 years ago, a heartbeat could be detected at 5 weeks (which is 3 weeks post-conception). We must oppose the bill, obviously. So Stacey Abrams decides to oppose the bill by claiming that “it is bad for business.” Because businesses need to be able to count on their workers who, I guess, shouldn’t be pregnant if it’s inconvenient for businesses. The idea that maybe motherhood shouldn’t be an inconvenience to people working for businesses doesn’t occur.

These are the same people who spent the whole day yesterday arguing that the country is running out of people and we will all get old and die covered in shit because there are no young people to clean it. It might seem illogical until you remember that today’s progressivism has absolutely nothing at its core but a fanatical attachment to neoliberalism. It’s all about driving down the costs of labor and destroying worker solidarity.