Friends Like These

In the meantime, on our side we have complete idiots.

The Georgia heartbeat bill, right? It’s effectively a ban on abortions because 4 years ago, a heartbeat could be detected at 5 weeks (which is 3 weeks post-conception). We must oppose the bill, obviously. So Stacey Abrams decides to oppose the bill by claiming that “it is bad for business.” Because businesses need to be able to count on their workers who, I guess, shouldn’t be pregnant if it’s inconvenient for businesses. The idea that maybe motherhood shouldn’t be an inconvenience to people working for businesses doesn’t occur.

These are the same people who spent the whole day yesterday arguing that the country is running out of people and we will all get old and die covered in shit because there are no young people to clean it. It might seem illogical until you remember that today’s progressivism has absolutely nothing at its core but a fanatical attachment to neoliberalism. It’s all about driving down the costs of labor and destroying worker solidarity.


16 thoughts on “Friends Like These”

  1. She means it will be hard to attract business and workers to a state with laws like these. It’s an argument used to appeal to conservatives. For example, when David Duke was running for governor here, one of the arguments made against voting for him was that he would be bad for business. The idea was, people would be FOR him because they would LIKE a Klansman governor, but could be talked out of it if the spectre of losing business were raised.


    1. To appeal to neoliberal conservatives, you mean. Which is exactly what I’m saying. It’s the neoliberal mentality whose greatest concern is what’s good for business.


  2. In Israel, the voting booths will close in 2 hours. 52% have voted by 18:00. I’ve voted too, while Israeli Arabs are shooting at their own feet:

    // A prominent Israeli pollster says that Israel has never seen such a decline in Arab turnout, calling it “the biggest drama” facing the national election.

    Arab citizens, representing nearly 20% of Israel’s population, could help sway the vote. But many Arab citizens have pledged to boycott the election in protest of Netanyahu’s divisive campaign tactics and legislation declaring Israel the nation-state of the Jewish people.


      1. // Did you vote for Netanyahu, If I may ask? I promise I won’t criticize.

        I liked Gantz from Blue and White party too a lot and felt conflicted till the end, but in the end – yes. Gantz has no political experience at all (see wiki quote below), and I think Gantz immediately becoming a PM is not the best thing for my country, especially since he has a rotation agreement with Lapid who, I believe, is simply unsuitable to be a PM. In addition, I remember many new parties sprouting, seemingly riding a wave of success and then quickly disappearing without leaving a trace while Likud and Bibi stay. If Gantz gathers experience, shows his ability as a politician, not only as an army officer, and then runs again in the next elections – I may vote for him.

        My dream is for Bibi and Gantz to form a united strong government which won’t rely on very Right and Haredi parties. However, it may not happen because Bibi may be afraid of losing next elections if Gantz shows his ability as a Minister of something. 😦

        As for Palestinians, I do not think Blue and White would bring significant changes either and do not believe ‘Bibi will create binational state with Arab majority tomorrow’ propaganda.

        For whom would you vote?

        // Gantz served as the 20th Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) from February 2011 to February 2015. In December 2018, he established a new political party named Israel Resilience (Hosen L’Yisrael). The party later allied itself with Telem and Yesh Atid to form Kachol Lavan, lit. “Blue and White”, the colours of the Israeli national flag. //


      1. \ Even I didn’t point out he had people from Russia in his family

        I couldn’t care less about some ‘people from Russia.’ Is it a new American euphemism for Jews?
        You’ve previously mentioned there were enough ethnic Russians in America too.

        I am not obsessed; Israeli news websites are in order to create some justification for publishing an article about utterly unknown in Israel Smollett. 🙂

        I really like this new blogger I’ve discovered who opens my eyes to Russian realities like:


    1. “OMG. Have just read that Jussie Smollett is Jewish too”

      Wow, interesting bit of information! There have been a MILLION articles, news reports, and cable TV opinions about Smollett in the U.S. media over the part month or so, and I’ve never heard even ONE state that he was Jewish. (If he were Muslim, that would definitely make the news.)

      Apparently the fact that he’s black and gay already makes him enough of an oppressed minority that being a Jew isn’t necessary.


  3. Two good short articles even if I would’ve liked them to be longer and deeper. Just to feel the atmosphere a bit 🙂

    From Druze to ‘dati’: Face to face with the Israeli voter
    From the settlers uncertain whether to vote for Gantz or Netanyahu to the Likud stronghold of Ashdod; from the moshav where the Blue and White leader was born to the stereotype-busting residents of an Arab city – Ynet gets a snapshot of the people who will decide on Tuesday,7340,L-5491242,00.html


    Seeking fifth term in office, Netanyahu makes last appeal to voters
    With allegations of corruption looming over his campaign and polls pointing to close race, the prime minister moves to the more extreme right wing in an effort to secure his re-election at the expense of his potential coalition partners,7340,L-5491661,00.html


  4. Why stand against the bill with a message of moral clarity when you could instead go with a message of “Hollywood and big business are gonna try to bully us into adopting their social values, so we should just go ahead and do that.”


  5. Bibi won again since the right-wing bloc will choose Likud over Blue and White:

    // According to the public broadcaster KAN, Blue and White will win 37 seats, while Likud will win 36 seats. Channel 12 (Keshet) had Blue and White also on 37 seats, but Likud falling behind with just 33. According to Channel 13 (Reshet), however, both parties will win 36 seats.

    In terms of forming a government, however, both KAN and Channel 13 predict that the right-wing bloc will have more seats, while Channel 12 predicts that the two blocs are tied at 60 seats apiece.,7340,L-5491929,00.html


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