I’m So Old…

… I haven’t even been pronouncing the word ‘meme’ correctly.

By the way, here is a fun meme. It says, “if you are seeing the same thing I am, we both need therapy.”


10 thoughts on “I’m So Old…”

  1. It’s just a man standing next to his dog in the park.

    And “meme” rhyme with “beam” — everybody knows that.


  2. As someone who took French, I always thought “meme” was pronounced the same as “même.” I still pronounce it that way sometimes. I thought meme had come from the French term and that it must mean something like “a likeness,” because it was a derivation of the French meaning.

    But then, a person who learns a word by reading it isn’t guaranteed to get the correct pronunciation.


    1. “a person who learns a word by reading it isn’t guaranteed to get the correct pronunciation”

      Exactly! Literate English speakers pick up a lot of vocabulary from reading in context and almost always have a few wonky pronunciations of words they know from writing but which they’ve never heard (or never matched the spoken and written forms).
      That’s probably also why so many words can be pronounced more than one way, different people pronouncing things mentally in different ways and those different ways end up filtering their way into speech.


  3. Sí, necesitamos….

    Don’t feel bad, I mentally pronounced zine to rhyme with sign for years before finding out (from somone who had their own) that it rhymed with scene…


    1. It does rhyme with “team”. I believe it’s spelled the way it is to imitate the word “gene” and highlight the analogy.

      Wow, I never knew “zine” was pronounced like “scene”. I guess that’s because it’s the second half of the word “magazine”.


      1. ” “zine” was pronounced like “scene””

        well rhymes with scene, I remember using zine (rhymes with sign) in a group conversation including a couple of people who put out a punk rock zine and they didn’t know what I was talking about at first… (embarrassing)


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