It’s Warm in Chicago

In a period of a little over 24 hours this weekend, 24 people were shot in Chicago, including three children under 13 — and three of the adults shot died from their injuries, according to police.

This is worse than in Tijuana, folks. Not by much but still. In the meantime, we heard ad nauseum that the new mayor of Chicago is gay but nothing about how she will make this horror stop. I mean, I’m happy for her but who the ef cares about her sex life when the city (or a portion of it, rather) is a literal bloodbath? Nobody even mentions her without bringing up that she’s gay, as if it’s somehow meaningful to the extremely hard task that awaits her in Chicago.

Twenty-four people in a day is a lot of people. This is impossible to imagine. A terrible, terrible tragedy.


3 thoughts on “It’s Warm in Chicago”

  1. Really a secondary concern in this situation, but I always feel bad for the person being reduced to demographic categories like this. She’s a three dimensional human being, but all anyone can see is black and lesbian. I’ve been in that kind of situation and it doesn’t feel good, no matter how progressive people think it is.


    1. And it’s the same with Buttigieg. How many times can we hear he’s gay? Everybody already knows he’s gay. Let’s concentrate more on his positions. I won’t forget about some horrible things he believes because he’s gay.


      1. Even the criticism he receives is for not being gay enough, or being the wrong kind of gay. It’s ridiculous.


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