Ragging on Bernie

Ragging on Bernie because he wrote bestselling books that made him a millionaire* is a very bizarre thing to do. There are many things Bernie can be criticized for but writing a book that sells well is the most innocuous thing anybody can do. Comparing that to Hillary’s Wall Street speeches is deeply insane.

Shame on those who do it.

* If there are people who live under a rock and haven’t seen these accusations, I can give links.


3 thoughts on “Ragging on Bernie”

  1. Bernie’s unapologetic attitude here is another good move from him. If these morons like you, you have little chance at winning the primary and no chance in the general. Most Americans have no problem with someone making money from honest work.


  2. This article is pretty much just common sense stuff we all know, but thought this quote was good.

    “Less engaged and less ideological voters tend to be cynical about politics. One might think cynicism would translate to support for outsider candidates, and it probably could against an establishment favorite with enough flaws. Instead, it has more often meant skepticism of ambitious, idealistic, pie-in-the-sky liberals and progressives who offer big promises with no record. It has meant an appreciation for well-known, battle-tested politicians who have been on their side or even delivered in the past.”

    I already know this, but there’s a lot of people who seem to think an idealistic message plays well with, say, black people living in poverty. It does not. Lots of people have all kinds of nice sounding promises and maybe even good ideas, usually they never get implemented. My entire city has this mindset, and people here are actively hostile to idealism, hope, etc.; Bernie’s message of “political revolution” played very poorly here. If Bernie wants to win the primary this time, he’ll need to not just talk about his ideas, but what he’s done. Last time people assumed he was a big talker who’d accomplished nothing, and he didn’t do much to push back on that.


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