It’s kind of hilarious that Ilhan Omar can’t go for two days in a row without insulting a Jew. One could almost think it’s not accidental.

So cool to know that the Democrats now have their own Tea Party.


18 thoughts on “Tea”

  1. This is actually something important for Israel:

    \ Religious parties may prevent needed budget restraint after election
    Ultra-Orthodox parties made small gains in April 9 vote and may demand more subsidies as price for new coalition; just half of ultra-Orthodox men work, a drag on economy at time of rising budget deficit; Cenbank wants budget cuts, tax hikes to curb shortfall.

    Just around half of Haredi men are employed, an issue long identified by economists as a drag on Israeli growth. At the same time, more than 70 percent of Haredi women work but their salaries are well below the average of non-Haredi women.

    when stipends were cut in a short-lived government without Haredi parties after the 2013 election, more men joined the workforce. Allowances were raised again two years later in a new government, halting the rise in numbers of employed Haredi, Regev said.


    I would love to see a Likud and Blue and White coalition, but it won’t happen.

    Voting for Blue and White wouldn’t have prevented this since they would’ve been even more dependent on Haredi parties than Netanyahu who a;so has Right-wing not Haredi parties too.


    1. “Allowances were raised again two years later in a new government, halting the rise in numbers of employed”

      And you would see EXACTLY the same result in America if the Democrats’ absurd “Universal Basic Income” proposals ever became law!

      I’m voting for Andrew Yang! He’s going to give everybody in America, even the millionaires and billionaires, a “no-questions asked “$1,000 a month. (It’s also a “no brain” idea — rich people won’t notice an extra thousand a month, and impoverished, unemployed people can’t live off that amount.)


      1. BTW, Clarissa, you want candidates with specific, detailed policies? Google “Andrew Yang policies,” and you’ll find his website with 92 (yes, I counted, NINETY-TWO!) detailed policy descriptions.

        My two favorites are “Closely monitor mental health of White House staff” and “Making taxes fun.”


          1. “then why should he?”

            Hey, you don’t get it?? The Democrats like him ARE 100% serious!

            That’s what makes the coming election so scary — Halloween postponed until the first week of November . 😦


              1. “It’s like that Titania Twitter personality who turned out to be a hoax.”

                Ah, Clarissa, you have far too much faith in the human race. Wait another thirty years, until you’re a bit wiser.

                You did notice that even the Titania Twitter hoaxer couldn’t keep a straight face on Tucker Carlson’s show, right?


              2. “Titania Twitter personality who turned out to be a hoax.”

                How was it a hoax? I thought it was a parody (often brilliant) of the modern hopelessly misguided progressive (aka SJW) mindset. For it to be a hoax it would be real…. which doesn’t bear thinking about…
                Did anyone really think it was a real person? I thought it was a newer version Godfrey Elfwick


    1. Leaving aside Miller – about whom I know absolutely nothing – these days anybody who seriously uses the expression “white nationalist” is usually either dumb or dishonest.


  2. Stop offending me even though I’m a racist jerk: my great cousin’s grand-grand-grand mother was killed in a concentration camp….err….gas chamber and I’m still suffering from this right now!


    1. For this to be true, he’d have to be born next century. Holocaust happened during the generation of my grandparents,and I’m younger than him. And yes, we still suffer from this right now. Slavery happened 150 years ago, and nobody disputes that people still suffer from the consequences.


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