The Other Side

So the parents who gave bribes in the college admissions scandal are going to jail. Great. But I haven’t heard if the bribe-takers at the colleges are. In my culture, we blame bribe-takers more than the givers. I say, to hell with all of them but where are the news about arrests and incarcerations on the side of the colleges?


3 thoughts on “The Other Side”

  1. The prosecutors want to make a strong example out of the rich, privileged celebrities who took advantage of their celebrity and wealth to move their children to the head of the line. That’s why they may receive long prison sentences.

    Nobody’s heard of most of the individuals who accepted the bribes.


  2. How true!
    If the colleges/universities turned the offers down, maybe stating “Sorry, but it’s against our principles to accept such offers as it violates our codes of institutional integrity”, then nothing would have happened. Only empty pleas producing no results.


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