Trump’s Open Borders

Trump will expand H1B caps for low-skilled workers. This is happening just as wages finally started to grow and is part of a large-scale campaign to make sure they stop growing.

Remember the horrible stats I recently posted about young men who are out of the workplace? There is no shortage of people who can work. Rather, there is a decision that these people are too costly and inconvenient, so they can be discarded into addiction where, it’s hoped, they would just die off (and they are). Instead, more compliant and easy to push around folks are used to substitute them. Once these substitutes start to realize they are exploited, it will be time to throw them away and drag in fresh ones.

Trump betrayed his voters. As I said he would from the start of his campaign. Look past the speeches and the tweets. He’s deporting less and letting in more than Obama. This is the opposite of what his supporters wanted.


5 thoughts on “Trump’s Open Borders”

  1. So, President Trump is also being taken down by the same shadow government operatives (the ones REALLY in control) who “killed Obama’s ‘hopes’ and ‘changes'”—whatever they actually were (as they were never clearly defined)—in 2009 and beyond.

    Your average prole/pleb needs to quit making “gurus” out of politicians and celebrities. It’s one reason these western cultures are so messed up.


    1. I’m still not sure if Trump honestly wanted to place barriers to out of control globalization or was faking it. Right now, it looks like he was faking.

      If he was honest about it at some point, he’s met with unhinged, hysterical resistance. But I don’t really think he was. If he were, he wouldn’t let Kushner anywhere near his administration.

      Obama was always an honest neoliberal globalist. He carried out his plans openly and without hindrances.


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