If I literally could’ve nuked Microsoft when my work Windows 10 machine at a previous job ran forced updates 5 minutes before a very important, millions-of-dollars-in-the-balance meeting, I would’ve. Since it was my work machine, I was not permitted to change its settings (though I easily could’ve despite all the “security” software on it).

God, so true. I don’t have meetings where money is at stake but I often have a very tight schedule at work. If I have 15 minutes between classes to rub back to the office, do what I need on my computer, and run to the next class, it’s seriously aggravating to have a forced update start happening.

I don’t feel hatred a lot but I did hate the creators of the forced updates. The disregard for people’s work process was deeply obnoxious. And I don’t have admin privileges on my work computer, so I can change nothing. It’s all about a ridiculous exhibition of power: I’ll screw you because I can.

I’m happy the forced updates are going away.

One thought on “Forced”

  1. Microsoft corporation are true bureaucrats by the very definition of the term.
    Procedures “must be” done by the books in the most clinical manner prescribed by written protocol.
    No exceptions!!! No matter what the circumstances!!!


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