You Can’t Win

If a guy did that, I’d think he’s a rude prick. If I knew he did that for my supposedly fragile mental state, I’d assume he’s a rude, condescending, sexist prick.

But even the woman who is writing this would probably think, if a guy actually did it, that he’s pretending not to notice her because he despises women.

Ideally, people would use the basic principles of convenience. Shorter people should go first because they can’t see over the heads of taller people. Instead, people bring their neuroses to basic actions and confuse everybody.

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Win”

    1. Good for them for taking control and not expecting a stranger to read their minds. I respect people’s doing whatever feels right and safe to them. It’s the expectation of mind-guessing that is annoying.


  1. And when the woman, thinking you’re being rude, gives you the stink eye – you can explain how you read on twitter that women are traumatized by strangers getting off the elevator after them. That should go over well.


  2. “exit the elevator first”…. so you turn around real quick and corner your victim against the wall and/or drag her into the stairwell?
    What reduces anxiety for one fragile person will just create anxiety for another…


    1. Good point. An anxious person can read anything into this behavior.

      I support the idea that if you are nervous, just wait for the next car. Of course, people are afraid of looking stupid, so they expect others to exist around their anxieties. But what if the guy just wants to get to his floor and isn’t thinks about you? Which is how it normally is.


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