I used to be very pro-EU. But it has betrayed every expectation and is turning into something deeply disgusting. Right now it’s trying to kill Project Gutenberg because it somehow represents “terrorist content.”

I have no idea what the point of EU even is any more.

2 thoughts on “EU”

  1. I am very pro EU (of 15-20 years ago) but as you’ve said most of the things they’re involved in now are stupid or evil or both.
    I was hoping that Brexit would be a wake up call to take what people really want into account, instead they’ve chosen to double down on the very things that drive people away.


  2. Everything’s a “Frankenstein monster”. No matter what the intentions behind the creation, once anything gets big enough and/or has been around long enough, it’ll start taking on “a mind of its own” and eventually be solely “existing for its own sake”.
    Its own image and ego and need to dominate will become its only main priority. Everything else will be secondary—even its own original protocols.


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