There Is No Left or Right

A great article on how both the left and the right were completely conquered by the free market ideology (aka libertarianism). There is no left and right. Instead, there is a wholesale capitulation to market principles:

The so-called right engages in Milton Friedman’s project of making everything transactional, while the so-called left destroys every cultural authority that might stand in the way of this libertarian economic paradise.

4 thoughts on “There Is No Left or Right”

  1. While I agree with a lot of things in Reno’s article, I have very strong doubts about his proposed solution…

    —The alternative to multiculturalism and its preference for the “other” is the uniculturalism that proclaims and seeks a common “we.” This is the direction we need to go.

    This is one of those things that work as allegedly intended only in the land of the spherical vacuum unicorns. But in that land communism works perfectly fine as well. In reality, if one factors in human psychology, the moment one starts encouraging divisions between “us” and “them”, not belonging to the culture of the “owners” of the respective land will be used to discriminate members of other groups, and not just culturally, as in being unable to use the desired bathroom or wear certain attire, but economically as well.

    The “uniculturalism” of the conservatives cannot possibly be inclusive enough, because this would defeat the two main purposes – to gain economical advantage over “others” and to feel good and justified about it. (And I agree in advance that these are also the main motivations hidden behind most of the “liberal” talk as well.) I have yet to meet a conservative that would be happy about someone else and not them deciding what those unicultural values should be.

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    1. I agree completely that he’s got no solution. It’s empty, vague verbiage a propos of nothing. So yes, great diagnosis, but no medicine. Probably because the medicine simply doesn’t exist.


  2. The mercenary-minded rule.
    One’s very soul would be appraised at a “market value” if technology ever advances to the point where it would be possible for those in charge to get ahold of it.


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