Why is Assange being persecuted now? Is there any other narrative but the one that links the arrest with the need to feed the collusion hoax?

It’s funny how all the lefties have eagerly abandoned Assange once the carrot of the collusion conspiracy was dangled in front of them. The only people defending Assange are right-wingers who look stunned by finding themselves in this role.

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  1. I think he got kicked out of the embassy that he was taking refuge in is why. There just wasn’t an opportunity before.


  2. Huh? I’m surprised by your reaction. There are several mechanisms at work here. First, prosecutors see this as an easy win. Like a hunting dog, they’re going to chase him until he collapses. Prosecutors are graded on wins, regardless of financial costs or time. They’ll pile charges on to make this worthwhile. The principal crime is publishing classified information. Second, the left see him as betraying the left and helping Trump. So does the right. The defenders ARE in an odd situation, as they are defending behavior that 99% of the time they would condemn.


    1. So you agree, he’s being punished for “helping Trump win”?

      I deeply dislike Assange and had intense debates here on the blog with his fans 10 years ago. These same fans are now cheering his persecution. It’s funny.


    2. Let’s be honest here: it’s not 99%. The number of times they condemn it is exactly the number of times it’s done by someone on the other side.

      As for the “collusion hoax”: the reason Trump was tough on Russia is because the Republicans forced him to be. He would’ve gladly lifted sanctions and helped Putin in other ways, but he was too dumb and incompetent to pull it off. He is not capable of not telegraphing his intent.


      1. It’s undeniably true that Trump doesn’t understand or care about Russia or Ukraine. Neither did Obama. Not because either is a spy but because they are ignorant and bored.

        Yes, Republicans absolutely forced Trump to help Ukraine. While Democrats didn’t force Obama to do it.

        How does any of this merit putting the words collusion hoax in quotation marks?


        1. defines hoax as “something intended to deceive or defraud”. When Russia offered Trump’s campaign help, Don Jr said “I love it”. The Trump family has been laundering Russian mafia/government syndicate money for decades. There have been lots of communications between incoming Trump administration officials and Russians that those officials then lied about. In light of this, claiming there was collusion may have been wishful thinking, but not fraud or deception. It was reasonable to investigate that further.

          I think claiming that Obama was ignorant and bored is a matter of opinion, and mine differs from yours. I guess the same applies to Trump, but there is more proof of his ignorance and finding his daily security briefings too boring to read.

          Yes, I was upset when the USA and Europe did nothing when Putin invaded Crimea, and felt that meant that the Budapest Memorandum might as well have been used as toilet paper. They did impose sanctions, but no one was going to go to war with Russia over Ukraine. That’s the sad truth. I’m glad that the Trump administration provided Ukraine lethal weapons, but that’s not enough. I think the only thing that would make a difference is military assistance, and that’s not happening.


          1. Military assistance to do what, though? Russia is trying to give the Donbass back. Ukraine is trying not to take it.

            As for why collusion is a hoax, Hillary paid for the Steele himself doesn’t believe. We were told Trump committed treason. We were told he’s a Russian agent. We were told about a meeting in Prague. These were all blatant lies. And those who lied not only failed to apologize, they are persisting in the lies. What is it if not a massive hoax?


            1. I tried my best to find an unbiased source. I’m not sure any exist. I’ll go with Lawfare. According to them, the Steele dossier was a collection of raw intelligence, without evaluation by him. It’s just a transcription of what his sources told him. Maybe that’s what you mean by “Steele himself doesn’t believe”. If you mean that he himself stated he doesn’t think that information is true, I’d like to see your non-Fox news sources.

              Whether things like the meeting in Prague and Trump being a Russian agent are blatant purposeful lies is not something we can establish as fact. It’s opinion. Mine differs from yours. I’m saying purposeful because they have to be in order for that to be a hoax.

              Trump’s first priority is himself and he will break any laws and betray anyone to enrich his family. He’s trying his best to rush the transfer of nuclear technology to Saudis, who he has been profiting off for years. It is my opinion that having a man like this as president is uniquely dangerous.


              1. My source for the comment about Steele is actually from the CNN.

                The article clearly states that Steele based the dossier on Google searches. Even I don’t despise him enough to think he believed in an intelligence report based on internet searches is anything but fake.

                And honestly, I’m getting tired of the childish jabs about me watching Tucker. If you still cling to the belief that Trump is “uniquely dangerous” and the folks who kept riling you up about him being a Russian spy were not blatantly lying, you are not justified in despising anybody’s sources of information.


    1. These whistle-blowers are all weird. Chelsea Manning is as eccentric as they get. Who let such an unstable person have access to classified information is a mystery.


  3. Here’s the scoop:

    Ecuador finally kicked Assange out after all these years because he’d become mentally unstable and was engaging in threatening, uncontrollable behavior.

    Some confused journalists are defending him because they think he’s being punished for exercising “freedom of the press” (the right to publish any information given to him, regardless of the source). Actually he isn’t being charged for publishing anything, but is accused of being complicit in the original illegal hacking of the classified material.


    1. The actual hacker, though, has long been released. Meaning, that nobody takes the crime seriously. What sense does it make to arrest somebody who didn’t refuse to publish the stolen info when the actual thief has been pardoned a long time ago?


      1. “that nobody takes the crime seriously.”

        LOTS of people take espionage very seriously. Manning would still be in prison if he hadn’t gained a lot of progressive public sympathy after deciding that he was actually a she and subsequently claiming that the military authorities at Fort Leavenworth weren’t being accommodating to his/her gender transition. Soft-hearted Obama gave in to liberal anti-government, pro-trans sentiment and commuted Manning’s sentence to time served.

        Manning is back in a Virginia jail now, being held in contempt for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks (and by association Assange), because she self-righteously “objects to the secrecy of the grand jury process.”


  4. \ Russia is trying to give the Donbass back. Ukraine is trying not to take it.

    Could you write a little about this, please? I missed those developments.

    How is Russia doing it and why is Ukraine unwilling to take Donbass back? I thought the conflict with Russia was the main topic of Ukrainian elections and that Ukraine wants to receive everything back, including Crimea, even though they do not see it happening anytime soon.


    1. Russia has been pressuring Ukraine to take back the Donbass for years. This is currently the main bone of contention in Ukrainian politics and Ukraine’s relationship with Russia. Russia wants Ukraine to take the Donbass back as is. With all the bandits, terrorists, and militarized gangs that are currently running it. Many Ukrainians realize that this would mean letting the gangs run over the rest of the country. Once the Ukrainian troops are withdrawn from the border between Donbass and the rest of Ukraine, there will be nothing to prevent the gangs from going into the rest of the Ukrainian territory to pillage, rape, and murder. What Putin is insisting on is that Ukraine take back Donbass and in return recognize that the Crimea is already Russian and will stay that. The point on the Crimea is moot because it’s dying. There’s an ecological catastrophe going on that will make the peninsula uninhabitable within 50 years.

      One of the reasons why I’m terrified of Ze is that he made it clear he will be willing to agree to Putin’s terms and take the Donbass back as is. Poroshenko, on the other hand, says (and has been holding on to this position in spite of tremendous pressure from the EU) that Ukraine won’t take the Donbass back until every last terrorist withdraws back to Russia and Russia pays at least some of the damages.

      Do you know that, for instance, the current Donbass leadership is ideologically opposed to vaccination? There is a whole generation of unvaccinated kids that were born there since 2014. Releasing them into the rest of Ukraine will be a health disaster. And it’s only one of a million things. You can’t just take them back. It has to be a slow process that will last a very long time. But Putin is tired of the expense and he wants to saddle the Ukrainian government with all these problems. So he’s saying, take them back immediately, exactly as they are.


      1. If most “bandits, terrorists, and militarized gangs” are Russian citizens, why can’t Ukrainian army simply execute/or and imprison them? What do most citizens still in Donbass think?


        1. The concept of citizenship is moot because most of the region’s residents were told to burn their Ukrainian passports. Figuring out who is from where and guilty of what would take the kind of resources that nobody has.

          As for what the people think, it’s the usual stuff. It’s precisely why the Donbass got into the whole mess to begin with. They don’t think. My cousins in Donetsk, for instance. We’ve asked them a million times, what would you like to happen? Do you want to be part of Russia? Ukraine? An independent state?

          Here is my cousin’s response verbatim:

          “As long as I have my six-pack of beer, my pack of ciggies, and some taranka, I don’t care about anything else. I’m not interested in politics.”

          She makes a living by dragging her two small kids across the front lines twice a week to make the money for the ciggies, beer and taranka. Everybody who is different has already left and resettled in Kharkiv or Odessa. We’ve been begging the cousins to leave. And one did leave. But then she came back. My aunt who got Canadian landed immigrant status is leaving Canada to go back to Donbass. She doesn’t even want to wait a year to get Canadian citizenship for just in case. And she has a well-paying job in Canada as opposed to no source of income or place to live in Donbass. That’s just how they are.


          1. “It’s precisely why the Donbass got into the whole mess to begin with. They don’t think”

            I ran that by the Ukrainian acquaintance who was visiting the city last week. That Ukrainians quickly united and made short work of Russian provocateurs in other areas but the feckless Donbassians were to slow and apathetic to react quickly and…. we see the result. They nodded sadly that that was true (they also have relatives in the area).


            1. Thank you. I’ve been saying for years that the people in the Donbass are… special. And not in a good way. This is the region of Ukraine that was very purposefully subjected to uprooting and reshuffling. The result is a population that is devoid of any sense of commonality and any capacity to engage in a normal political process. They are all completely isolated, self-immersed individuals who don’t see beyond today’s dinner.

              I’m not ragging on the people because I dislike them or anything. I don’t. But I studied history and I know what caused this.

              I grew up among these particular people. It’s scary, I’m telling you. They are not bad. They are just… oblivious of the surroundings. Why do you think I’m so terrified of fluidity? Because I’ve seen how it looks 2-3 generations in.


  5. “Why is Assange being persecuted now?”

    An Ecuadorian official gave nine reasons why they withdrew asylum from Assange. Of course, they have been pressured to do so from the very first day that he set up in the embassy. My guess is that they agreed in principle to expel him some time ago, and that this was coordinated with the American and British governments.

    It also seems highly likely that the timing has to do with the end of the Mueller investigation. From a counterintelligence perspective, Russian subversion of Wikileaks and Russian subversion of the Trump campaign are all part of one continuum. It is likely that finishing up the Mueller investigation and finally apprehending Assange are part of one big ‘clean-up’ operation. Some national-security brain trust made its tactical and strategic decisions about how to finish up this chapter in Russian-American covert relations, and now those decisions are playing out.


    1. Yes, that’s what I’ve been thinking. Seems like too much of a coincidence to happen at this particular moment.

      For years, I’ve been saying that WikiLeaks is completely dominated by Russia, and everybody scoffed. For years.


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