Band of Dumbasses

Why don’t people say England with the same emotional intensity that they feel when they say Al-Qaeda or Hezbollah?

I obviously know why and so do you. But Ilhan Omar is seriously asking this question. This great injustice deeply wounds her.

This is truly the most pathetic, dumb Congress since the Tea Party one of 2010.

One thought on “Band of Dumbasses”

  1. I watched this video of Omar (literally) laughing the entire time on BelAhdan show hosted by Ahmed Tharwat and wondered whether she would experience ‘the same intensity’ if she met Al Qaeda fighters vs USA soldiers.

    Btw, “Her comments came just weeks after the September 2013 attack on a Kenyan shopping mall by al-Shabab terrorists, in which almost 70 people were killed. Al-Shabab was affiliated with Al Qaeda at the time.”

    Unsurprisingly, when Ahmed Tharwat defended Omar against charges of antisemitism, he did it in a fashion which surprised even me (the linked article has more quotes and analysis of what is wrong with Ahmed’s defense)

    \ What lots of Americans don’t understand is that anti-Semitism — the charge thrown causally at anyone who offers the slightest criticism of Israel — is an alien concept for most Muslims, since Arab/Muslims think of themselves not just as Semitic people, but also as indirect victims of the Holocaust atrocity, which led to establishing the Jewish state in the heart of the Middle East, beheading the nation of Palestine.

    \ “Blaming Hamas for Israeli atrocities, is like blaming the Jew for the Holocaust,” Tharwat wrote in a July 2014 tweet.


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