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God, folks, you’ve got to watch the opening segment of Tucker today where he pokes fun at the dust-up over the plan to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. It’s deliriously funny. When he shows how one after another ultra-super-duper-progressive news source uses the phrase “dump immigrants,” like they are garbage, it’s a powerful moment.

I’ll look for a link and post it once it’s available.

P.S. Here is the link. The part where he says, “I hope immigrants are watching” speaks to me a lot. I’ve been talking about the crushing hypocrisy of the most progressive among us towards immigrants years before I first heard Tucker’s name. And it’s great that somebody is finally voicing this to s national audience.


19 thoughts on “Great Television”

  1. This is pure insanity:

    It’s in response to a video Trump released, of Ilhan Omar saying “some people did something” interspersed with video of 9/11. Tasteless and offensive, arguably islamophobic, but not threatening. Just dirty politics. It was already irritating any criticism of Ilhan Omar was dismissed as bigoted, even when it was just people saying “anti-semitism is bad.” Saying criticism of her is “violent” and “puts her in danger” when no threats have been issued is chilling. This kind of rhetoric cannot be tolerated. That’s leaving out how offensive comparing this to the Holocaust is.

    Elizabeth Warren has given into the madness, tweeting that the president is “inciting violence.” She had little chance of making it to Ohio anyway, but she’s lost my consideration. Haven’t looked to see how others have responded; ignorance is bliss.


    1. What is it with these people, seriously? Don’t they understand that none of this will help win the election? Shouldn’t winning be a priority? This empty verbiage resonates with the tiniest minority that they don’t have to convince. Nobody else will be attracted by that.

      It’s very frustrating.


      1. I wish Dem leadership would stand up to them more. At least Pelosi has wisely decided to stay out of this fight. These people don’t deserve to be defended; it drags the whole party into the mud with them.

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      2. “Don’t they understand that none of this will help win the election? Shouldn’t winning be a priority?”

        Do you still really want them to win? If they do it’ll be a non-stop media carnival of this stuff. They’re not going to give up the feels until they’re forced to…


        1. That’s what I keep asking myself. I still harbor fantasies that they would wake up and start doing something valuable.

          This Congress has turned 100 days. And in those 100 days it has given us nothing but these endless Ilhan Omars and ridiculous investigations by extremely stupid people. Yesterday I saw a video of a congresswoman who tried to accuse a bunch of bankers of being guilty of mishandling student debt, and the bankers patiently explained to this idiot that the student loan business had been taken over by the government a decade ago. This is all this Congress does. This is what the “blue wave” gave us. It’s beyond frustrating.


          1. Worth remembering that many (perhaps most?) Dems in Congress are quietly working hard to do things that matter. For example, I saw on twitter that many Dems are cosponsoring a bill to protect social security. Do we ever see that in the news? Abby Finkenauer became one of the youngest people to pass a bill in Congress. Most of the new people we elected in the blue wave are normal, sane, and doing good work. But the media only covers the three loud idiots because that gets more clicks.


  2. < “the dust-up over the plan to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.”

    This is just another hilarious example of how the Democrats and liberals immediately reverse their opinion on any issue that Trump suddenly supports.

    The sanctuary city mayors and open-border politicians were all saying in a single chorus, “ALL immigrants, regardless of how they got here or their legal status, are WELCOME to our great city/state/ nation…” Then Trump said, “Fine! We’ll send them to you! Take them!”

    And look at their response. 🙂 🙂


  3. You’re right, that was funny! I had heard about this but I was lucky enough to see it from a headline that didn’t refer to it as “dumping.” Knowing that “progressive” sites came up with that themselves and weren’t quoting Trump…that’s illuminating.

    What happened to “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me?” Or to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free?” Oh wait, apparently that Bible passage only applies to Republicans.


    1. I heard snippets of this scandal throughout the day and couldn’t figure it out. San Francisco is a great city. There’s nothing particularly punishing about sending immigrants there. But the wailing was such, you’d think Trump proposed to ship people to gas chambers. A blogger called the proposal “fascistic.” It’s so weird. Sanctuary cities tend to be great, big cities. Recent immigrants are more comfortable there than in small towns because it’s easier to find a community. What’s the big deal?


      1. The irritation I’ve seen from the more reasonable crowd of liberals (don’t know about the nuts) is that he’s making decisions based on pissing his political opponents off rather than what’s best for the immigrants, which is fair enough. I don’t know exactly what they do want him to do though, considering they seem to think we should take everyone in the migrant caravans in, and take them quickly.

        Basing it on sanctuary city status is petty, but it’s not like I can think of a better plan, and there is a certain logic in sending them to places that are explicitly welcoming to immigrants. It’s certainly not as stupid as the idea I’ve been seeing floating around liberal twitter that “America isn’t full, we can send all the immigrants to empty rural states like Wyoming.”

        I will say some small cities are sanctuary cities. Also, there are entire sanctuary states with varying population density. So probably a better policy would be send them to cities of a certain size with certain characteristics (sanctuary city status could be one of them.)


        1. “So probably a better policy would be send them to cities of a certain size with certain characteristics (sanctuary city status could be one of them.)”

          No. they want open borders? Fine, let them deal with the effects of real open borders (which have no relation to libertarian fantasies).
          I’m sure the migrants themselves are resourceful enough and clever enough to realize when they’ll need to move on and maybe the clueless bleeding hearts will have learned something in the meantime..


          1. I’d only say we should limit it to cities that actually refuse to report people to ICE; some places call themselves “sanctuary cities” but they really aren’t.

            I’d also say in many instances, the inhabitants of a city didn’t ask for or want to be declared a “sanctuary city” and were irritated at their mayor’s choice. These aren’t all bleeding heart cities; Cincinnati, the city where dreams go to die and where idealistic white liberals are a minority, was declared a sanctuary city. On one hand it creates much needed pressure to get rid of the mayor, but should ordinary people have to suffer because their idiocy?

            None of this applies to SF though. I honestly would enjoy a “send everyone to California” plan.


        2. Trump’s attempt to piss people off would have failed if his opponents didn’t see these immigrants as an unwelcome burden. But they do. It would have been so easy to make Trump look ridiculous on this. But instead, they gave him a rhetorical and moral victory.

          And sending Hispanic immigrants to Wyoming is a ridiculous idea. There is no Hispanic community there. SF is a much more logical choice.


          1. ” There is no Hispanic community there”

            I spent part of the summer in the plains states from around 1971 to the mid 1980s (mostly wheat country, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska). At the beginning there was no hispanic community and by the end there definitely was… so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was in Wyoming too.


              1. In the case of the plains states it was noticing things like:
                a record store suddenly getting a bin of mexican 45s
                a movie theater having a Spanish language screening (mexican movies a few years old by then) on Saturdays
                supermarkets expanding the mexican section (and starting to get more mexican products)
                mexican grocery stores opening up (not many in small towns but in the larger hub towns)
                all this apart from the visible physical presence.


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