100 Days

This is very true:

“What Pelosi just said, she should tell her freshman members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar and say we are here to work and not to tweet,” Continetti said. “What has happened in 100 days of the Democratic House is the Democrats have become the party of those three freshman congressmen of far left views, from very, very blue, indigo districts, but that’s not how the Democrats won the House.”

“They won in moderate districts with centrist candidates and as long as they’re the party of AOC and Ilhan Omar, their House majority is in jeopardy,” Continetti added.

The whole country is being given an image of House Democrats as smug, dumb, self-promoting clowns completely out of touch with anybody but a small band of clueless snowflakes. This is not what the country voted for. This is not what 95% of Democrats are, want or stand for.


6 thoughts on “100 Days”

  1. The paragraph about ‘normalising’ children suddenly reminded me of the situation in Iran:

    // At last, clinicians are speaking out about the rush to ‘transition’ gender-confused kids.

    They report that many children decided they wanted to change gender after suffering homophobic bullying, ‘yet these young people were still referred down the route of hormone treatment’. This seems to be a particular issue for young girls who find it far more socially acceptable to come out as a boy than to come out as a lesbian. Although gay conversion therapy is illegal, it is acceptable to ‘normalise’ children by turning them into heterosexual members of the opposite gender.

    There has been a huge increase in the number of children querying their gender identity. In 2010 there were 94 referrals to the Tavistock Clinic; by 2018 this had risen to 2,519. The youngest child referred was just three years old.



  2. Why isn’t Ilhan Omar tweeting about this (see below)? I suspect it’s since abortion is against Islam and a controversial topic in her immigrant Muslim community.

    // The new assault on abortion rights
    In Alabama, Texas and elsewhere, moves are afoot to strip women of their freedom.

    Lawmakers in Alabama have proposed a bill that could criminalise abortion completely. The House Bill (HB) 314 – also called The Alabama Human Life Protection Act – calls for the ‘prohibition of abortion’ by making it a class A felony. Any healthcare provider or doctor performing an abortion – in any circumstance other than to save the woman’s life – could face decades in jail.

    Sixty of the 105 members of the Alabama House of Representatives support the bill already



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