Get Over It or Move On

Folks, I’m really over the childish jabs about how I watch Tucker, so I must be a brain-washed idiot. If you want to believe that anybody who has ever watched Fox News is a crazy bigot, that’s your right. Feel very free to exit towards the very sane, non-bigoted sources that have been peddling you stories about Trump being a Russian spy for years.

Yes, I watch Tucker for an hour a day. I’m a news junkie, so I also have over 1,600 sources in my newsfeed from every continent. I access blogs on, say, Australian literature a lot more often than I watch Tucker.

I used to be one of the idiots who scoffed at Fox News without ever watching it. But then I grew up. If you didn’t, it might be time for us to part ways because I tend to be impatient with people who are stuck in an intellectual rut and keep repeating the same exhausted mantras for decades.

Everybody has a limit on how much they can grow intellectually. Many long-time, dedicated readers of the blog couldn’t keep up the pace and fell off over the years. And that’s perfectly fine. But I don’t feel like limiting my growth to spare anybody discomfort.

The whole point of the blog is to help me battle my tendency towards rigid thinking. That’s why I do these unusual challenges and expose myself to readings and news sources that I’m predisposed to hate. For instance, I hated Ann Coulter to the point where I had tremors when I heard her name. I couldn’t even watch a Law & Order episode based on her persona because the first 3 minutes made me dangerously hypertensive. To combat this phobia, I read 3 of her books in a row. And now a small corner of reality that was deeply disturbing to me doesn’t scare me any more. And I finally watched that Law & Order episode without freaking out.

Nobody has to be like me or follow me on this journey. If you want to only eat mac and cheese, that’s ok. But don’t scoff at people who are open to exploring the world’s culinary variety.

Yes, I already said all of this before but the message doesn’t seem to be sinking in.


4 thoughts on “Get Over It or Move On”

  1. Regarding news, one blogger recommended this Ukrainian program and, in case it is good, I mention it here (haven’t watched it):

    As for links, I am now preparing to write about Mexican immigration and capitalism in America, so they are more welcome than ever like that NYT article. Thanks! 🙂


  2. I’ve seen Fox News Syndrome claim a few victims over the years. People who went down the talk radio/Fox TV rabbit hole and their entire personalities changed. Formerly upbeat people became grim and humorless and seemed to spend 24/7 cranked up into a state of surly outrage.

    What’s been a shock to me in recent years is seeing this same syndrome take hold on the left. There are bloggers I used to read where, if I visit their sites now, all I can think is “This is not a mentally well person.” It’s been amazing what a mirror image this is of the Fox/Limbaugh syndrome I saw previously. The same grim change in people’s personalities to the point that I could barely recognize them.

    I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch Fox, but I do make a point of reading Quillette and The American Conservative somewhat regularly, as well as interacting with people to the right of me politically (although mostly in non-political contexts). It’s importance for one’s mental health to not live in a bubble. Of course, if you tell that to someone in the bubble, all you’ll get in response is a temper tantrum.


    1. Yes. Absolutely. This is exactly what I’ve experienced. People have gone massively crazy. I wouldn’t have to watch Tucker if my formerly favorite shows didn’t turn into lunatic asylums overnight.


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