Name vs Sex

Here is what we demand of UArts:

1) Camille Paglia should be removed from UArts faculty and replaced by a queer person of color. If, due to tenure, it is absolutely illegal to remove her, then the University must at least offer alternate sections of the classes she teaches, instead taught by professors who respect transgender students and survivors of sexual assault.

That is, swap a person with a name for a person with a certain type of sex life.


10 thoughts on “Name vs Sex”

  1. Reply to Name vs Sex:

    This kind of thing has become ridiculous. People need to be challenged with ideas that disturb them. This is what college/university is all about. (It has always made me a bit sad about my particular discipline that this kind of challenge is rarely a part of it.)


    1. I hope he avoided the silly mantra about people migrating because of climate change, though. If you talk to any Central American immigrant, the likelihood that they will talk about climate change is nil.


      1. Doesn’t seem like he did, which is surprising considering his campaign is focused around climate change. But I hate Jay Inslee regardless because of the Washington surrogacy law.


  2. AHAHAHHAHAHA! She still… teaches? She hasn’t run off into the sunset masturbating about Madonna, shrieking about Foucault, and writing wordy paeans to old school Democrats and how essentially women are all slaves to our cycles?

    If I’m Camille, I’m flattered anyone takes enough notice of me to be offended. 🙂

    [Yes, I read her Salon columns back in the aughts. I was entertained. I’m not sure what intellectual challenge if any she provided. She pretty much said the same shit for years, I don’t know that she got “more controversial.”]


    1. ” She hasn’t run off into the sunset masturbating about Madonna”

      She hopped off the Madonna train a loooooong time ago. Then she was very much into the Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury and then IIRC Amerindian artifacts (?!)

      I assume Paglia is not distressed at all by this publicity and is probably relishing the publicity and chance for public confrontation…


    1. She’s against puberty blockers. And that’s the absolute worst you can be because it’s denying pharmaceutical companies a right to mutilate children for profit. That’s very mean and unprogressive.


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