Unusual Challenge, Day 15

I did something extremely unusual today and worked on my article from 8:30 am to 3 pm. I don’t normally do this kind of thing. I write my 200 words and go do something else. But today I did nothing but the article. I didn’t even cook.

I ended up with 800 new words and much of the very complex bibliographic compliance done. Felt completely exhausted at the end. It’s scary how productive I could be if I had psychological energy to work like this every day.

Africa and the Real Russian Collusion, Part II

In 2017, Seba visited Russia to have a meeting with the notorious Russian anti-Semite and imperialist Alexander Dugin. Dugin is one scary, unhinged dude. But then so is Seba.

Of course, Seba is just one small part of Prigozhin’s organization. What they do is inflame passions in the African countries that have territorial disputes of all kinds. They try to meddle in elections, too. The goal of all this activity is to keep Africa poor, undemocratic, divided and at war.

As I said before, Putin’s government consists of complete idiots. They are messing things up in Africa like they do everywhere else. Last summer, three Russian journalists who were investigating these subversive activities of Russian mercenaries in the Central African Republic were killed. Prigozhin isn’t managing to keep Russia’s meddling in Africa secret. But given how volatile the situation in many African countries is, this gauche and dumb meddling is causing damage.

Now here’s a funny thing. If I wanted a gubizillion links and retweets, I could publish a post titled “Why I’m sure Trump is a Russian spy” or some inane rant about “systemic racism” and “white privilege.” People keep accusing me of seeking out links in spite of clear evidence that I don’t get any. But these posts about really troubling events in Africa, a place that has historically suffered from real systemic racism and real Russian meddling will get the readership of three dedicated folks. I don’t mind because I’m scared of larger audiences anyway. But the hypocrisy of the anti-racist Russia whisperers is beyond annoying.

Africa and the Real Russian Collusion, Part I

People who believe in the Russian collusion are the exact same ones who keep bleating about how much they detest racism, colonialism, and white privilege.

Well, I have a story for them about the real Russian collusion and real racism and colonialism.

Many people here know that I’m interested in Africa. I read a lot, try to stay informed, follow the news. There is a disturbing process happening in Africa right now that we don’t hear about a lot.

There is this really scary guy in Russia called Yevgeni Prigozhin. He’s in charge of an organization that promotes the colonialist interests of Russia in Africa. There are about 20 countries in Africa where his organization operates. It uses people like Kemi Seba, a fellow who was thrown out of France for trying to organize an anti-Jewish pogrom. Right now, Seba is working under orders from Prigozhin.

The Acer Mystery

I just looked and my new laptop is called Acer. And I keep it right where Klara’s toys and art supplies are. (She’s very careful and never touches things she shouldn’t, so it’s safe).

But she can’t read, can she? She has known her letters since early Fall but surely she can’t read?

This is creepy.

P.S. I didn’t know my laptop’s brand because I didn’t buy it. I got it from a programmer in exchange for a gewgaw I was sent for review but found too gadgety for my purposes.

The Cost of Public Toilets

I always say that public toilets are one of the best things about this country but I never knew the whole story:

Million-dollar public bathrooms are a growing controversy outside the big cities too. In upstate New York, Mayor Rick Davis of Tonawanda, a Democrat, came under fire for a “million-dollar bathroom”. The Democrat claimed that he was creating “a real community asset for generations”. In Pensacola Beach, there was outrage over the $1 million cost of a 900 square foot public bathroom. In Westport, Washington, there were protests and petitions over a plan to build an $840,000 bathroom. . .

A Santa Monica park restroom recently came in at $2.3 million. The city manager blamed fair-wage guidelines and an OSHA audit. But Santa Monica was already the home of some of the country’s priciest bathrooms. A Sacramento public bathroom for the homeless was estimated to cost as much as $1 million. In San Diego, residents tried to fight a million-dollar beach bathroom.