Klara says she doesn’t want to learn to read because if she does, she’ll have to sit alone reading instead of me reading to her. I’m not trying to make her learn because she’s only three but the logic is unimpeachable. I still haven’t found a counterargument.


7 thoughts on “Reading”

  1. This problem provides the plot of a Sesame Street series book “Grover Learns to Read.” Grover does poorly in the reading section of his class on purpose so his Mommy will keep reading to him. If I remember correctly, a baby-sitting crisis forces Grover to read a story to a crying toddler. Grover is so proud of his solving the problem that he tells his Mommy, who then learns that Grover can read much better than he’s been admitting. Grover and Mommy agree that sometimes Grover will read to Mommy like a big boy, but Mommy will still read to him whenever he would like.


  2. My mother and I got through my teen years by reading to each other. It was a way we could connect without pissing each other off. My mother was a real “leave no moment unimproved” kind of woman and found it more efficient to do household chores while I read to her than to teach/supervise me in doing them to her standards.


  3. She doesn’t have to read on her own! She could read with you, or to you, if she learns to read. And that Grover book sounds perfect for that discussion.


  4. Reply to Reading:

    My first daughter seemed to be having difficulty reading in first and second grade. Then, suddenly, in third grade, age 9, she was reading at an adult level. But her mother and I did not stop reading to her, which was helpful, I think.


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