Unusual Challenge, Day 15

I did something extremely unusual today and worked on my article from 8:30 am to 3 pm. I don’t normally do this kind of thing. I write my 200 words and go do something else. But today I did nothing but the article. I didn’t even cook.

I ended up with 800 new words and much of the very complex bibliographic compliance done. Felt completely exhausted at the end. It’s scary how productive I could be if I had psychological energy to work like this every day.

One thought on “Unusual Challenge, Day 15”

  1. Some good news:

    //For the first time ever, a live heart was printed and presented as part of a study at the Tel Aviv University, and in the Advanced Science journal.

    The study opens a window into the future medicine which, they predict, will be free of organ transplantation and rejection, and include specifically printed organs using tissue taken by the patient himself.

    Scientists involved say this technology will be available within ten years.


    The only real solution to Gaza’s situation imo:

    Escape of the elites
    Opinion: The Gaza strip is facing a future without its strongest members. Under Hamas, life is just too hard. 40% of youth say they would like to leave many of them never to return.

    Hamas leaders are keeping figures under wraps, but it is estimated over 20,000 residents have left since the 2014 armed conflict with Israel. Exact numbers are unknown, as many of those leaving; obtain false documents identifying them as Syrian refugees, so as to improve their chances of settling in Turkey, Greece and Belgium.

    A European study of asylum seekers, conducted in 2017, found 4,500 Palestinians from Gaza residing in Greece but Palestinian sources report as least 6,000 are in Athens alone, most of them, carrying false passports.



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