Some people are so nuts. If you look at Notre Dame burning and think about Trump, you need psychiatric help. This is not normal.

What are all these loons going to do once Trump leaves office?

9 thoughts on “Crazy”

  1. Like I mentioned in another thread, this whole trend is such a bizarre mirror image of what I used to think was a characteristic feature of the right.

    Back in the late 90s, we used to joke that right wingers would spontaneously blurt out “Clinton!” if they stubbed their toe. In the Trump era it’s not even a joke.


    1. The question is, once Trump is gone, can people go back to normal? Or will they get so addicted that they will keep manufacturing Trumps to keep feeding the addiction to the high emotion of outrage?


  2. To be fair, he did Tweet out advice to the French firefighters, and they did Tweet back. All of their other Tweets are in French, but this one was in English:

    Here was his Tweet to them:

    That said, people gave him the attention he asked for, rather than denying him. Maybe if people just didn’t respond to him for a week he’d have a stroke.


    1. The last thing in life I want to do is read his tweets. Why do people read them if they make them apoplectic is a mystery. It’s like those (far less numerous) folks who read my blog religiously and write how much they hate it every other day.


      1. You’re right, the really ridiculous thing about Trump’s stupid but harmless tweets is all the attention that once respectable television hosts devote to them.

        On Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show last night, he spent 15 minutes (one-fourth of the entire show) interviewing a guest firefighting expert who testified in great detail about Trump’s lack of knowledge about firefighting!


  3. \ If you look at Notre Dame burning and think about Trump, you need psychiatric help.

    Some people I read look at Notre Dame and think about Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church organizing the deed. (A true story with the conclusion being based on the Kremlin propaganda regarding God punishing Europe and Russia being the only place defending real Christian values.)


  4. The Trump obsession is crazy. Here is the title of a recent guardian article:

    “Tiger Woods’ triumph may help clean off the stain of Trump’s golf addiction”


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