No Better

I honestly don’t understand how an eager neoliberal like Buttigieg is better than Trump. Of course, Trump is all bluster and little action on being anti-neoliberal. But empty bluster is better than open, wide-eyed worship that masks as progressive solely because its proponent is married to a guy. We already swallowed another fanatical neoliberal just because he was black. And then almost swallowed another one just because she has a vagina.

Maybe it’s time to stop.

6 thoughts on “No Better”

  1. What’s the matter with you, Clarissa?? According to MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, “This guy
    is chicken soup for my soul!”


  2. And Obama had redeeming qualities that Pete Buttigieg lacks. If he becomes the nominee, I’m just not going to bother voting for president (I’ll still show up to vote for other offices.) Luckily, he’s abysmally unpopular with black and Hispanic voters, so I don’t see a path to the nomination for him.


  3. Real talk on the border, and from who you’d expect. Cory Booker: “We do have a problem at the southern border. Democrats should not deny that.” Then he goes on to talk about how we need tech rather than a wall, blah blah, not fully addressing the issues at the border. But for Booker, even acknowledging there’s a problem beyond people being unwelcoming to immigrants is a big step forward, so good for him.


    1. Maybe the candidates are finally waking up to the glaringly obvious reality of most voters being very much against open borders. Nobody wants this! It’s an electoral loser. I’m glad our candidates are beginning to catch up.

      More Lordstown meetings, more worker rights, and less open borders, reparations, white privilege, and wonders of technology to solve every problem. This is the recipe to win.


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