Communication Method

What’s your preferred method of communication with people who aren’t readily available in person?

A. Phone

B. Text message

C. Email

D. Social media

I’m a text message person myself. Hate phone, detest email, feel weird on social media.


14 thoughts on “Communication Method”

  1. I like all of these four. For personal friends, I prefer talking on the phone, but ONLY ON A LANDLINE. I do not like talking on a cellphone at all. For something quick, a text message is very good. For some reason, I find Facebook messenger annoying. I prefer the little pop-up windows for private messages. All of these four have the advantage that no one expects me to read non-verbal cues. When it comes to non-verbal communication, I am the equivalent of illiterate.


  2. In order of preference

    C. Email, one of the greatest inventions of the last 50 years, easy to type and send… what’s not to love?

    A. Phone, it’s okay…. but I got used to not using phones much in Poland and I hate talking on a smartphone (my old nokia was much, much, much better as a phone than my horrible unloved smartphone that’s stupid and gross and icky)

    B. How can people stand it? the keyboard is too small and it’s just torture and hard to edit… just kick me in the shins instead of expecting me to text

    D. Social media, one of the worst inventions of the last 50 years… no…. the worst. I’d rather never have contact with someone than through social media… I suppose it has some purpose but I still can’t figure out what facebook is supposed to do (that 10 other things don’t do far better).


    1. I hate email because I get so many dumb emails at work that I have to sift through every day that I now dread email.

      Facebook has an important purpose of bringing out the utter idiot in everybody. Everybody’s absolutely worst self is on there. “Go on Facebook and lose faith in humanity” should be its slogan.


      1. One example of the point about FB. I’m FB friends this woman who is the mom of Klara’s friend from school. I loved this family. They seem so normal. And at first, it was good to see all the cute kid photos she posts. Then all of a sudden, I open FB and see her ranting against the evil “middle-aged white men who stifle diversity.” Her husband and 3 brothers, by the way, are middle-aged white men. I cringe in vicarious shame abd crawl away from FB. And I only went to post an item for sale. It’s so aggravating.


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