Why Are Libraries Dying?

Because too many librarians are illiterate idiots:

If you look at any United States library’s collection, especially those in higher education institutions, most of the collections (books, journals, archival papers, other media, etc.) are written by white dudes writing about white ideas, white things, or ideas, people, and things they stole from POC and then claimed as white property with all of the “rights to use and enjoyment of” that Harris describes in her article. When most of our collections filled with this so-called “knowledge,” it continues to validate only white voices and perspectives and erases the voices of people of color. Collections are representations of what librarians (or faculty) deem to be authoritative knowledge and as we know, this field and educational institutions, historically, and currently, have been sites of whiteness.

Library collections continue to promote and proliferate whiteness with their very existence and the fact that they are physically taking up money that was usually ill-gotten and at the cost of black and brown lives via the prison industrial complex, the spoils of war, etc. Libraries filled with mostly white collections indicates that we don’t care about what POC think, we don’t care to hear from POC themselves, we don’t consider POC to be scholars, we don’t think POC are as valuable, knowledgeable, or as important as white people.”

There is no meaning to this rant, so let’s not concentrate on that. Just look at the grammar. I bold-typed the clumsiest bits for you. The writing is simply atrocious. I often complain about the poor writing skills of the freshmen but they are vastly superior to this author’s. It’s no wonder that this librarian hates books.

This is what the text looks like after being edited. I don’t even want to imagine what it looked like before.


11 thoughts on “Why Are Libraries Dying?”

    1. The greatest conflict in academia is that between people who sell their expertise and those who sell their ideologically correct positions. The latter don’t even have to possess basic literacy.

      One such colleague berated me for “intellectualizing issues in which the correct opinion has already been formed.” It’s very sad.


  1. And I thought libraries were dying because state and local budgets were being cut, and librarians are increasingly asked to provide social services.

    Source: Two exes and one friend with library science degrees working as librarians and oh, when I first moved to Florida, the muncipality I lived in didn’t pay taxes toward the public library so the public library tried to collect a $100 fee for me to take out books. Not an academic library asking for membership fees from a non-student/professor but a regular old library.

    But now I know it’s extreme political correctness decrying the western canon. My bad.


    1. Money is an easy excuse for anything. “I’m not doing a shit job because I’m lazy and ignorant but because there isn’t enough money.” If only there were more money, this lady – who has a very fancy job at a very fancy school – would immediately learn to love books and miraculously improve her grammar.


      1. You’re confusing money put into the librarians’ education with money funding the actual library.

        I never investigated whether my librarians could pass a spelling and grammar check or whether they had far out ideas. All I know is that quality of the collections has declined as well as access to the collections.

        Libraries are public spaces that don’t automatically require you to spend your personal money (or have the presumption you’ll spend it) to access. Think about how many of those exist anymore and whether that serves neoliberalism.

        You say, for example, you never set foot in a library anymore to do research. I don’t spend much time there, but I learned how to research things by other means from librarians. I didn’t learn it by hopping onto Amazon or sitting in Barnes & Noble.


        1. College libraries stand empty. I go three times a week and it’s scary how empty the library is. The problem is luring students and professors back in there. I don’t see how any amount of money can do that. How is this lady going to lure students in if she’s clearly not a reader?


  2. Our library here at KU owns 65 books by Wole Soyinka. So a good university library is literally the only place in the state of Kansas where these books exist physically and more or less available for public loan. It seems very odd then to say that the collection is entirely “white,” even if it is mostly so on statistical grounds. This point almost doesn’t merit rebuttal for being so obvious. Our library is one of the only places in the state to fine 37 books by bell hooks. I say one of the only because I haven’t checked K State’s library yet.


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