Audible Questions

Folks who use Audible, LibriVox and Co! How do you afford it? A single 30-year-old novel by Wallace Stegner costs $38 on LibriVox.

And please don’t tell me about all the free stuff with expired copyright. What is there among it that I haven’t read and have interest in reading?

5 thoughts on “Audible Questions”

    1. They’ll always let you buy as many credits as you want. Audible also has sales where you can get cheap books every once in a while. The selection is limited though.

      Also, get on their ‘deal of the day’ email, which offers a different book each day for $2-$5.


        1. On the credits thing, Audible sets you up with a subscription service where they charge you a monthly fee and you get ‘credits’ (based on subscription level). One credit is good for any book you want to buy. You can also buy more credits, or just pay the price of the book directly. My subscription is $14.95 a month, and I get one credit.

          If you subscribe, you also get all books you buy at a discount (I think it’s 30%). Also, you get three months free if you subscribe…so three books for free (one book per month), in my case. I’m on, so might be different.

          I manage the cost by using my credits to get books worth more than $14.95 and I buy the ones under $14.95.

          If you don’t have a subscription then you pay regular price, which is exorbitant.


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