Happy Birthday

All of the birthday gifs have cake in them. And I hate cake! Why can’t there be a birthday gif with a poke bowl or a plate of borscht? Or some oysters, at least.

In any case, happy birthday to me! It’s a joke of fate that I have to have my birthday during the hardest part of the academic year. But ok, whatever. God, I feel grumpy.


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. Yeah, Happy Birthday!

    Remember to go Denny’s today and get your free birthday dinner! Borcht isn’t on their menu, but it’s still a free meal 🙂


    1. Nice touch, Shakti!

      For some reason, videos posted in the comment section on Clarissa’s website won’t play the audio when I open her website in Google, so I have to open her blog in the much-hated FireFox to hear the sound. (And it’s not because of the ad blocker. Even with the ad blocker turned off, still no Google sound.)

      Any computer whizzes reading this comment know why?


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