Wall of Shame

Shame on Concordia University in Montreal for disinviting a Harvard scholar because he didn’t pass an ideological purity test.

Shame on Middlebury College in Vermont for disinviting a Polish philosopher because he didn’t pass an ideological purity test.

This is precisely what Byung-Chul Han talks about when he discusses the new totalitarianism of the fluid world. He probably would be disinvited, too.

No government is forcing these people to censor. No external coercive apparatus makes them destroy the life of the mind. They are self-castrating eagerly and willingly.

6 thoughts on “Wall of Shame”

  1. It isn’t just universities that are being idiotic about censoring “evil” people:

    Since 2001, the New York Yankees baseball team has played the very famous Kate Smith recording “God Bless America” during their games’ seventh-inning stretch. Today the team announced that it’s suspending use of that recording, because the team learned that in a 1931 Broadway revue Smith sang a satirical song called “That’s Why Darkies Were Born.” (Very famous black singer Paul Robeson, who couldn’t possibly be racist by definition, also recorded that song.)

    So the Yankees won’t be playing Smith’s “God Bless America” until they conduct an investigation to see if she was a racist. (Smith died in 1986.)

    (Not making this up. Really.)


  2. Anti-semitism and posturing pay off, so she will continue for sure:

    // Omar rakes in cash online as controversies pile up

    Omar raised $832,000 in the first quarter, according to her FEC report — among the best totals posted by any House Democrat. Roughly half of her donations, $415,000, came from people who gave less than $200 to Omar, and the majority of her funds, $631,000, came from online donors who gave via ActBlue, the Democratic online fundraising platform that has been such a boon to the party’s candidates in recent years that Republicans are scrambling to develop an alternative.


    Omar is OK, but Erik Prince is shunned (the quote from one of your articles is at the end of the comment). I wonder whether Beloit College students shot themselves in the foot by missing the chance to talk with Prince regarding the use of security companies and other issues. Isn’t it worthwhile and interesting to understand how people in power think and reason, especially if one wants to be an activist challenging them?

    Actually, the same reasoning applies in the case of Polish scholar and politician who is “a member of the European Parliament and is associated with far-right views that have growing support in Eastern Europe.” If the support is growing, who knows better what pushes people to vote for him than the man himself?

    // The decision by Middlebury came just a few weeks after Beloit College, a liberal arts institution in Wisconsin, shut down a planned speech by Erik Prince, an associate of President Trump and the controversial founder of the security company Blackwater. Administrators canceled Prince’s chat following student protests in which they banged on drums and built a barricade of chairs on the stage where Prince was due to give his talk.


    1. People donate to Omar like they pay for tickets to see their favorite clown.

      And then we hear that women can’t be good comedians. Oh yes, they can. This Congress is filled with female comedians of the first order.


  3. A good idea I haven’t thought of why calling right wingers ‘far right’ and ‘fascist’ is wrong:

    “We need to restore some clarity when it comes to these terms. We are right to call groups such as the BNP ‘far right’ because they have always been dominated by those who believe in the concept of racial superiority. But once the meaning of the term spreads to incorporate readers of right-leaning tabloids, the average UKIP voter, or members of the ERG, we are helping to create the illusion that fascism has gone mainstream. By adopting this flawed tactic, activists are effectively working as PR for the far right, who are able to claim a degree of support far in excess of the reality.”


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